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  1. Now I'm offended. I'm originally from Punxsutawney.... Just kidding.
  2. I agree. Supposedly he was live streaming. Should be all the evidence needed.
  3. I see there is a Ford emblem on the building window. I wonder if it was a dealership?
  4. Good point since no women are in the photo they must be at home barefoot and pregnant. That helps date things.
  5. You're welcome. It's dark on dark. Similar to Police cars of late. Ie Brookville,PA
  6. I don't think the closest car is a cop car since it says Gulf Economy Test on the door.
  7. I'm going to go with 1934/1935? Looks to me like a 1934 Ford Sedan. I tried looking up Gulf economy test but didn't find anything yet. I would think they would use a current model car. Here is a pic I found of a 1934 Ford Sedan
  8. So are you trying to say Trump is good or bad? Did you send the money back if you weren't entitled to it?
  9. Seems like a lot of people are too busy to slow down. They just think they can steer around something not even knowing what it is in this case and not slow down. I don't think they use their brains or don't have any to use. If a vehicle is stopped along the road who knows where the occupants might be. Trying to find something/get something off the road. Who knows.
  10. FJB. Feckless Joe Biden.
  11. Yep. Biden sanctioned the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. I thought big deal. Biden sanctioned the US on day one canceling the Keystone XL.
  12. This is great work. Unfortunately the amount generated in 2014 had significantly more power than the amount generated this year due to inflation.
  13. Gee I wonder how it would be higher in 2021 than 2020 ? Probably wouldn't have anything to do with people on lockdown.
  14. I think being beat by Trump and 4 years of Trump was pretty rough on her.
  15. pwacm


    People on this forum have real difficulty with sarcasm. I've stopped using it without a sarcasm sign.
  16. It was decommissioned in 1996 according to a previous post. Let's move it in the middle of winter through snow country. I suppose this is when traffic levels are lowest. They should have moved it in March or early April 2020.
  17. I'd be good too. If I did find one I'd take it to the Truckstop and put it over the road truck. See how they like that.
  18. I wonder what it is? I see the place it is going deals with nuclear waste. New equipment?
  19. Darn I was hoping it was local. Maybe the person who stole several from me.
  20. That stinks. I just read an article early this morning about her 100th birthday celebration. Rest in Peace. I really liked her.
  21. That's right. I have to wait a year to see if the theif returns items stolen to the rightful owner (me) rather than pay taxes on the items.
  22. That was probably The Auto Lender. Unfortunately out of business. About 23+ years ago they were the only ones who would rent a car to a young couple to go on their honeymoon. We were too young to rent from any of the big names in auto rental.
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