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  1. It was decommissioned in 1996 according to a previous post. Let's move it in the middle of winter through snow country. I suppose this is when traffic levels are lowest. They should have moved it in March or early April 2020.
  2. I'd be good too. If I did find one I'd take it to the Truckstop and put it over the road truck. See how they like that.
  3. I wonder what it is? I see the place it is going deals with nuclear waste. New equipment?
  4. Darn I was hoping it was local. Maybe the person who stole several from me.
  5. That stinks. I just read an article early this morning about her 100th birthday celebration. Rest in Peace. I really liked her.
  6. That's right. I have to wait a year to see if the theif returns items stolen to the rightful owner (me) rather than pay taxes on the items.
  7. That was probably The Auto Lender. Unfortunately out of business. About 23+ years ago they were the only ones who would rent a car to a young couple to go on their honeymoon. We were too young to rent from any of the big names in auto rental.
  8. Snakes and spiders things you can see don't bother me. It's the things you can't see or barely see that bother me. And the DOT when I'm hauling a trailer.
  9. I was born there. That's pretty scarry.
  10. I have a cabinet full of booze I don't drink so I doubt I would drink that. Just a thought LOL
  11. This is disgusting. The terror those kids endured during their final days. Pure evil.
  12. The stern voice and pajama pants don't really go together. It doesn't say if he was wearing flip flops.
  13. I went and found a different story about this and it was worded a bit differently. "The pair convinced Ms Nunn to make 13 withdrawals from different BB&T Bank branches. Her attorney, Guy Burns, said the scammers’ story grew more and more elaborate for weeks before the final withdrawal of $100,000 drained her account completely."
  14. This makes me angry too. The other thing that makes me angry is there should not need to be a law about this. It should be common sense or common courtesy both seem to be in short supply anymore.
  15. Most people are either too stupid or don't want to be bothered to move over. I have had times when I moved over and then some idiot passes on the right. This law needs to be enforced. There should be a hefty fine. Part of the sentence should involve standing on the fog line for an hour or two of a busy interstate as traffic passes by. Then maybe they would understand the importance of providing some space.
  16. I agree with this. But I didn't disagree in the first place. Only stated the facts.
  17. I don't think he signed the law he broke. He vetoed the law that would have made it legal.
  18. I don't like the guy either. It's a law he should be aware of since he is the governor. I feel he should have to pay.
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