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  1. Couldn't handle someone being rude, now gets to see how rude jail can be. Not real bright.
  2. They must be waiting for it to cause the wild fire instead putting it out.
  3. Don't forget we still pay for CAT fund if you get cited. That was supposed to be temporary.
  4. And i think that's the reason they want this change. They will be losing to much money
  5. I like the idea of no gas tax, but not being track. I don't put a lot miles but pulling the camper burns down some fuel. I'd probably save money
  6. Probably couldn’t afford a lawyer and even if they could it would still be money out of their pockets.
  7. So a 1 week issue in Texas is going to raise the price of meat? Did the cows and chickens die? Besides the article interviewed one source from PA. I'd like to hear the rest of the story now. Somehow there's more to this. Just an poor excuse to hit our wallets again. No matter what happens anywhere anymore something cost more money. Just like with the lumber, all of a sudden there's a shortage I call BS...
  8. I believe DUI check points are an invasion of privacy when they check you for everything. They end up with more summary offense's than DUI's. If they would check for DUI only i wouldn't have an issue with it.
  9. I understand this completely but right now there's enough opportunities out there that if some one isn't happy with what they do, there's many other options for employment right now. I think your future is in your own hands, don't like it make a change.
  10. They'll just funnel the revenue to other places again. Probably the police pension
  11. Lizard

    $81,000 sign

    They’ll want something eventually. Maybe their name on the stadium or the like. It will come out eventually.
  12. Called multiple restaurants yesterday to check hours only to find out many are open on reduced hours because of lack of employees.
  13. Yep and if you have any doubt that Med Express can treat you, just go to the ER. It will cost you less.
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