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  1. I did the same thing, those taking what they didn’t earn had to be stopped. That’s why the libs want gun control!!!!
  2. No I never fell for it. I didn’t change anything that I do.
  3. Who is the United States Government think they are? The police force of the whole planet! One country can't solve the issue it has to be an Earth wide decision . I'm not saying we can't do better but they haven't proven that earth isn't just in it's natural cooling and warming cycle anyway.
  4. The world needs to set aside an area for these people who want to be like this. This way they can be amongst there kind of people.
  5. Lizard


    I can relate, but what to do about it?
  6. But it will only take 30 seconds. OMG that's a lot of incentive there, what a pervert.
  7. Do they really think it’s just the residency that keeping Drs. from coming to Pa? I think of a few other things that would keep anybody from coming here.
  8. I think he paid to much!!!
  9. Well I got back to DuBois and got the picture.
  10. Has anyone else noticed the church sign leaving DuBois on south 219. It definitely has a message that could be taken out of context.
  11. The bank did look nicer than before being landscaped but DuBois could use so much more than a new pretty bank. Maybe it will save the area like all the money spent on ball fields.
  12. They still need to get better cameras if they want to ID people with them
  13. Wow another season of road work coming our way, can't wait for the long lines because people don't know how to merge. Also, people that think that one car that got in front of them will make them late and that "I'm not leaving anyone in attitude or the truckers doing rolling roadblocks.
  14. OMG it’s just to good, funny and truthful.
  15. Slowly, like they did in the movie "The Green Mile".
  16. And why wasn't there an underage drinking charge? Besides what can they do? A license isn't needed to operate a horse and buggy. Most of these charges will be dropped, they don't have a positive blood result or breathalyzer test.
  17. Now you can't be having the little guy get sun burn!!!
  18. If your going to wait for compassion, good luck. I'm not saying i agree with what happen but it didn't surprise me.
  19. Isn't life about freedom of choice? The Ronald McDonald house made their choice and so did the family.
  20. Im sure all the guilty people will jump right up and claim illegal activity on their taxes.
  21. Reminds me of the Seinfeld show when Newman wasn’t delivering the mail and was storing it.
  22. Truly is amazing that science can bring back a tree but still can’t defeat COVID
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