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  1. You say wake up but at this point there's not much that can be done. The rest of the nation believes every thing their told.
  2. Wow 11 stations called out for this!! That’s amazing. So glad we have such a good area for fire stations
  3. Because all the animals will know where to cross!! Waste of money. The pollys would waste more of the earmarked funds on everything but what its supposed to be used for.
  4. Makes me wonder why he drank it if it wasn't what he ordered? Besides it must of been quite strong to get his BAC to 0.16
  5. Do anyone else ever wonder if the police take it further to find out where the material is coming from? Just like drug dealers, there’s always someone beyond the one that got caught.
  6. They can't have their taxpayers dying!!! Then they won't get paid!
  7. Dumb ass has to realize when your out in public you can be videotaped and photographed without your consent.
  8. Maybe right but our school board will do exactly as told because they get funding from the state. The school board has no spine of their own.
  9. Thunder Bird wasn't bad the last time i was there.
  10. How can the court give order to reinstate her job when there's no police force left? It's no wonder Troy left, sounds like a wonder place to work. Sarcasm!!!
  11. He try’s to take credit for all the work the real police did!!
  12. 3 plants would have been ok but she had 4 according to the report.
  13. Its basically an AR with a pistol grip instead of a shoulder stock.
  14. Last time I checked we still have the right to bare arms. It's not a crime to walk around with a gun. I leave my house on foot all the time with a rifle over my shoulder on my way to hunt. This is in a borough and i walk to the woods. I've even waved at the police on my way and never a word was said.
  15. The thug was resisting and I shot him. End of problem! That's how it should of went down.
  16. Gives a new meaning to “ smoking crack”
  17. So throwing rocks and breaking windows wasn’t enough reason for police action before a child had to die? Unbelievable this world we live in anymore.
  18. I can hardly wait till the folks that want rid of the police need one and there’s no one to call.
  19. This reminds me of that Steve Martin movie but can’t remember the name.
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