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  1. Called multiple restaurants yesterday to check hours only to find out many are open on reduced hours because of lack of employees.
  2. Yep and if you have any doubt that Med Express can treat you, just go to the ER. It will cost you less.
  3. It’s not like we have a lot of choices our ER is on diversion a lot and Med Express isn’t open at night
  4. I've heard there's two types of people that should be very concerned with going to prison, Police and Child sex offenders.
  5. I understand the use of force is warranted some times but did it have to go to this extreme?
  6. I bet this 73 year old 80 pound woman was a real threat to this officer. Maybe he deserves the same treatment when he finds himself in jail.
  7. My biggest pet peeve for litter is the lit cigarette butts being thrown from moving vehicles.
  8. I've been to Disney a few times and i don't believe i have the patience to ever go back. The foreigners act like you don't have any personnel space and barge right in front of you like your not there.
  9. It might look nice but if it's a tourist destination no thank you.
  10. That's what i expected to see but still says its not a production model.
  11. What no pictures?
  12. Top photo was the concept that was released. Bottom is what is actually being produced. I like the concept one a lot more than the other. What is everyone else’s thoughts?
  13. Are you saying we need electric cows? Lol
  14. I completely understood the why but I'm sure that will be the next thing that happens. It's hard to sound sarcastic with words from a keyboard.
  15. Why is this one sided? So the girls will be allowed to play in men's sports? How is that politically correct?
  16. Sounds like being out in society won't be a good choice either.
  17. So a man with no shirt, riding a bear towed the ship. Very creative!!
  18. Why when anything that happens someone sets up a go fund me page? Didn’t the pizza shop have insurance? I know it sucks that the window broke but now the shop ended up with over $4000 for a window.
  19. I'm confused, if the operator turned right onto DuBois St. coming from Falls Creek Sheetz. How did they get to Susquehanna street?
  20. These F-tards don't realize new gun laws won't change a thing. They can make all the laws they want but it doesn't mean they'll be followed. Just like the speed limit, they made rules but not everyone follows!!!
  21. That's definitely a bad thing but better than a nuclear meltdown.
  22. It might pristine mountain top but Tyrone must be looking to cash in.
  23. i thinknits great if theres wind there might as well use it
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