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  1. So wouldn't that law apply everywhere? According to that power trip you probably disturbd the fish in the reservoir! I realize it's not worth the hassle but it sounds like BS.
  2. I can't see how they could stop you. They don't own the air rights. That would be like saying airplanes aren't allowed to fly over their property.
  3. This is when people actually would stop and hang out with one another instead of just looking at a screen all the time. I used to love the cruise and the vehicles. The sound systems were amazing in some of those cars. I miss the way it used to be!!
  4. I was exploring today and visited the Bish cemetery, it is in good order and not overgrown. The place is well secluded and isn't going to be easy to get to. I had to briefly use 4wd to climb the last hill. My kids thought it was neat that it was so far out in the woods.
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