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  1. For what it's worth I do not think it's a good idea for teens to be getting pregnant.
  2. People on here have this fear of Bill Gates and the Globalists (Great moniker for a rock band) will somehow engineer the population collapse, I thought it would be good to remind people that stupid horny teens who don't use birth control will keep the population increasing regardless of what big bad Bill does or doesn't do. Sarcasm? Read into it what you want.
  3. The big question here is why would the Republicans run a quack TV doctor who lives in New Jersey to run for Senate in Pennsylvania? To me Oz never seemed particularly conservative, The Pennsylvania Republicans just wanted to go for a celebrity candidates. So couldn't they find a suitable home-grown celebrity candidate without New Joisey's Oz's baggage. Not complaining, but it does seem odd.
  4. I also find it odd that people talk about the problems Fetterman and Biden have without mentioning the Texan who ran for Senate in Georgia during the last election, despite his showing signs of CTE, a common problem for men in his former profession. Now, what's the "H" word that people like to throw around here? Second letter is a "y"....
  5. As a person who has been brain damaged from birth-bicameral dystaxia for those in the know-I find the attitude by many here toward those of us who have suffered speech problems to be extremely ignorant. This thread reminds me of what I had to endure at DuBois Middle School way back in the late 60's. Times have not changed so much. Damage to some parts of the brain such as the cerebellum, which is where the brain controls muscles including the tongue, does not necessarily affect the cerebral cortex. When I am stressed out or tired I am sure I sound a lot like Fetterman in this clip. The problems he has speaking has nothing to do with his ability to think or work in the Senate. When people first hear me speak, they usually assume I am a foreigner, gay or mentally challenged, none of which is true, though these accusations have made me very sensitive to what each of these groups face in this country, particularly in these parts. How was Moses described in the Bible? Halt of speech? If Moses did exist and had a halting manner of speaking similar to what Fetterman and I have, then I think John Fetterman and I are in excellent company. Two of the nastiest things said to me in middle school were : "Spit that s**t out of your mouth so I can understand you" and "Take that donkey d**k out of your mouth so I can understand you." If anyone said these type of things to Fetterman on a call-in show on C-Span, the national blowback would be tremendous. Even from conservative media.
  6. It It is so awesome you are related to one of my favorite actors, Jimmy Stewart. Did you know him personally?
  7. That Patrick Stewart version was good, but my favorite A Christmas Carol was the one with George C. Scott as Scrooge. Though American, George C. Scott made a great Scrooge.
  8. Changing a few inches of flesh to fit how your brain wants to see your body, comparing that to adding feet of height, reversing age, and changing your race...Come on, You are one of the more intelligent posters here. That is a stupid, flimsy argument that is way beneath you. If you and others honestly don't believe it is impossible for a male to sincerely wish to female, or a female to sincerely wish to be a male, then say it. Don't embarrass yourself with such inane tripe. I suspect there are a lot of people on here who have tried on a dress out of curiosity, rather liked the feeling, took it off and never thought about again until this trans issue comes up. Then they panic and wonder, "what if I liked the dress because I am really a woman! That cannot be! Ban the trans!" Well, maybe you liked the dress because you're really Scotch and your parents never told you. The reason I mentioned uterus transplants isn't because I imagined transwomen getting pregnant. if the uterus functioned properly it would be the source of female hormones. No more shots of synthetic hormones. Same with a transman getting a penis and testes. The testes would naturally produce testosterone and the added penis would allow the transman to amble up to the urinal and pizz (the preferred spelling here, apparently) like any other man. If transfolk want to have babies, frozen eggs from the presurgery transman, frozen sperm from the presurgery transwoman mixed to grow in an extrauterine device and you have a happy baby with two loving (one hopes) transparents. (which I understand is the name of a TV show). That of course will be decades in the future. If you're concerned about tax money being spent on gender confirming surgery as its called, there are several foundations that will pay for that. Your tax dollars, therefore, will go toward buying private yachts, helicopters and jets for business tycoons who need them for business, and who can then get a tax write-off on them later, just as God intended. To deal with the unhappiness you feel over your male pattern baldness, call this number tomorrow. You will surely find help: (814)375-6379. I don't know whether I want to create a synthetic world, but I would like to see a world where people are free to pursue their own happiness as long as they don't hurt others in doing so, where bullies are not tolerated, where all individuals are treated as equals, without regard to status or wealth, and where people are ruled by law, not the powerful, and where leaders in any field exist to serve the people under them. Now, full disclosure: When I was eight I saw some of my sister's panties laying in a drawer. Out of curiosity I tried one on. As soon as I did I felt very weird, very uncomfortable. Didn't like it. Pulled them off and never did anything like that again. So I can safely say I am not at all inclined to being trans. 😁😜
  9. If this is done than those doing it may face major legal problem. We'll have to see what happens.
  10. I am sure my "diatribes" as you call them are more accepted by the broader society than your own views. No offense but I do think there is a lot of anger in this area at the world that is changing more than they want and that is pushing the world they grew up in away from themselves and from their progeny. For centuries people thought diseases like smallpox and leprosy were cause by demons. Epilepsy and schizophrenia were also believed to be cause by demons. Not to mention impotence and cows not giving milk. Have you ever considered glorifying heaven by doing what Jesus told his disciples to do in Matthew 19:12? I think Jesus and his disciples, along with other early Christians (Origen being the most famous example) not to mention such groups as the Skopskys, did exactly that. Of course Jesus may have been talking figurately, not literally. What does that verse mean to you if you don't mind me asking. And since you advised Fedup not to argue with me, why are you doing it?
  11. Once again, 18 year old men are not small children. You keep making these insane denunciations because of what I consider a pathological hatred, much like the hatred that Kanye West has for Jews and the late Elliot Rogers had for women. At the end of Don Quixote the title character is a broken man at the end of his life, realizing that he had been fighting giants, enemies, that were not there. I hope you have a better ending than he did.
  12. The brain may not be totally mature at 18. But it is mature enough to make most decisions. Frankly a lot of people don't show many signs of mature thinking when they are 75. This Murat guy, whose opinion means to me personally, never heard of him, what does he matter?
  13. Turns out I was wrong. Biology is very important. Brain biology that is: https://health.clevelandclinic.org/research-on-the-transgender-brain-what-you-should-know/
  14. Probably some kids goofing around
  15. Back when I was living in a house I wanted neighbors who would mind their own business, not have loud parties in the middle of the night, and if their kids were hoodlums I wanted them to keep their hoodlum ways off of my property. I was lucky. All my neighbors were nearly perfect and I have no idea whether they were Christian or not, conservative or not.
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