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  1. Wow she is gorgeous You have one beautiful angel looking over you now dogg along with her family and children. May she rest in peace
  2. This breaks my heart she was a great lady Did not know her personally but loved reading her post on here Rest in peace Thoughts and prayers go out to her family and friends
  3. millers7


    Thanks book writer That makes perfect scenes we haven't had our kitty that long since about feb and didn't start flea treat mentas till about April when we or his shots all taken care of but I did buy some frontline and I am going to stick with that for a lil and switch it up The fleas seem to be the worst upstairs after we tore up the carpets doesn't seem to be downstairs we did the borax down stairs last night and I vaccumed it up so maybe it helped we have borax on the floors upstairs now and going to vaccume it up before bed then bombing this weekend since we have a birthday party at the park and can be out for several hrs Praying this works thanks for your knowledge
  4. millers7


    That's good to know cause we have this huge ant hill in our yard as well and have tried everything and it goes away but they come right back will have to try the borax on them seems like it has lots of uses around the house thanks
  5. millers7


    He's at the end of his pet armor for the three months so I am just gonna try frontline here at the end of the month when it's time to give him his treatment. And in the meantime borax and bomb like crazy thanks everyone luckly we don't have any bites that I have noticed on the kids but have seen them all over my socks when I have walked through the room ugh
  6. millers7


    Yeah I am going to try a new better flea treatment when we had more than one cat about a year ago before we moved we used pet armor and it worked great. But I think this is the sign to try something new.
  7. millers7


    Thanks Bon I was looking up different types of bombs and that one seems to have the best reviews. Thank everyone else as well going to try borax tonight and bombs tomorrow while we can be outside the house. Praying it works
  8. millers7


    Yeah our cat isn't infested with them or anything but from what I read on the internet was to start with the animals which we have one cat now and he doesn't go out usually but we had a birthday party and he was out and didn't realize it and he was out all night then a week later there is fleas all over the house. He got his flea treatment for te month at the end of aug. It was a three months supply maybe we need to try a new kind. We also gave him a bath in dawn dish soap and he had a lot come off dead but not like a million. Does anyone know if bombs are okay to use with children in the house and being pregnant? I haven't seen the borax thing with all the research I did maybe we will try that. We only have carpet in two rooms at the moment from remodeling the rest is hard wood floors. I went through each room and vaccumed them and all the cracks. Any suggestions on the best bombs to use
  9. millers7


    Hey everyone I have a problem and would like suggestions on what to do. My house has fleas and this is my first time ever dealing with it before with all my experiences and animals that have come and gone through the house. We have a small cat and he got out and was left out over night and now it seems there is fleas all through the house. We are remodeling and taring up carpets and it seems that when u walk across the floor there is just fleas everywhere. Our cat gets flea treated monthly as suppose to we are using pet armor from walmart. But I was wondering on what I could do to get rid of them we tried vaccuming like crazy and giving the cat a bath in dawn dish soap but can't seem to get rid of them please help we will try anything
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