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  1. Oh yes. They are good but the emergency vet in St College is pricy.sorry for the loss of your pet.
  2. Who do u go to? We use Herring and have used Wise and they are very reasonable.
  3. I have never washed my turkey. Being that its cooked for so long, anything on it will be baked off anyways.
  4. Yes!! Being on YouTube does not make it truthful. Half the stuff on there is questionable but sounds good if it is something you agree with.
  5. Last year you were completely flipping out over anyone making their own choices regarding covid. What changed?
  6. Oh good heavens. The only difference in what MIM posted and what Allboys copied and pasted from the PH article is the word required for the vaccine. You are both right. I worked there 2007-2018 and we had to get the flu shot or wear a mask Nov-April. No exceptions. They use to send email after email about how it is a must to get this shot or wear a mask. Yah this article says its not required but it basucally is required unless u want to wear a mask. Its all just wording but u are basically "punished" by being forced to mask up if u refuse the vaccine. They also make you get a tetnus shot when you get hired and I was made to get the mmr vaccine since my bloodwork came back that I didn't have an immune to it even tho I had the vaccine as a child. They do make you get certain things regardless of what they state in the article.
  7. I didn't have any side affects. Flu shot always gives me a sore arm and the injection site is always itchy but I didn't even have any of that with the covid shot.
  8. You have been specifically mentioning PH which is why I was responding about PH.
  9. They can't give them a choice with the covid vaccine because they will lose money they need to stay open. That is the difference between choice of flu shot and choice of covid shot. They aren't threatened to lose money if employees don't get the flu shot.
  10. Yes they...along with all hospitals..have been threatened with losing the funding and they need it to stay open. when i worked there we had employee meetings and they would say that something like 60% of the insurance payments came from Medicare and Medicaid.
  11. Im ok. My sister was diagnosed with cancer this past spring and I did give in and get the shot for her. Believe me it went against my stand on covid. I still kind of regret getting it at times. I am very much against people being forced to get it. I also understand that if PH loses Medicaid and Medicare funding they are screwed as any hospital will be. If they were demanding the vaccine for the heck of it and not due to losing anything then I say protest away. At this point its kind of worthless. I agree with PennStater. They need to protest where the demands are coming from and not who is forced to comply due to threats.
  12. Thats why I worded it the way that I did. I didn't act as if what I was saying was the solid truth. It would make sense though.
  13. A friend that works at PH said that if someone turns in a religious exemption they are going to check flu shot records and if they have had the flu shot the religious exemption is out the window. Now that is heresy she said but makes sense. What religion says you can't get the shot except maybe amish? People are really pushing it with that.
  14. What is the point? The hospital has to abide by the mandate or lose reimbursements needed to stay open. They lose Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements then these same people protesting will lose their jobs when the hospital can't stay open anyways.
  15. Yes..lots of mayo!!
  16. Are they better than before?
  17. I wish they had better fries. Thats my only issue with them. I am obsessed with the spicy chicken sandwich. I could eat them many times a week lol.
  18. Some employers can't just go against the mandate. Hospitals for instance. They can't survive without Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements. It isn't the employers fault. Its Bidens.
  19. Could you win though being that this is Bidens mandate?
  20. They have to or they lose Medicare and Medicaid reimbursement which is ridiculous.
  21. You will all be shocked that I actually got the vaccine. I am not for it and I don't know that it works however my sister now has cancer so I did it for her. Me who is anti mask and anti anything covid lol. I was fine after it and feel no effects from it. So far. I got it back in June.
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