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  1. No. But I can assure you none of the office staff is there.
  2. I realize that part. But they also have tons of office staff that work 9-5
  3. If you wonder why penn highlands is short staffed maybe start with they don’t even get Christmas off. If they want to take it off they have to use their PTO.
  4. I'll believe it when I see it. can we get an ordinance passed where old satellite dishes have to be removed as well?>
  5. Way way less die from the jab but you are terrified of that.
  6. Many many more people are dying from covid. People are dying from car wrecks. Are you refusing to drive? Of course not. See how silly that sounds.
  7. You all are pretty confused by rare events vs millions of people dead from covid. I’ve talked to many doctors. I work in the pharma field. I’ve done my own research. hospital staff is not missing time for vaccine side effects. That’s frankly laughable. They are missing time from having covid.
  8. I am. I’m not out here complaining about doing my job.
  9. I am. I’m not out here complaining about doing my job.
  10. I’m not. You can do whatever you want. Just be prepared to face the consequences of those actions.
  11. You haven't answered any of my questions? Did you quit driving your car?
  12. You are comparing today’s technology to that of 200 years ago?
  13. Who cares how long it took? My post is not irrelevant. You just keep inventing reasons to be scared
  14. People will be including hrdrochloroquine and ivermectin and bleach someday on that list
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