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  1. Hard to argue it was just Pitt and Philly when Dems took the pa house as well.
  2. No. But I can assure you none of the office staff is there.
  3. I realize that part. But they also have tons of office staff that work 9-5
  4. If you wonder why penn highlands is short staffed maybe start with they don’t even get Christmas off. If they want to take it off they have to use their PTO.
  5. I'll believe it when I see it. can we get an ordinance passed where old satellite dishes have to be removed as well?>
  6. Way way less die from the jab but you are terrified of that.
  7. Many many more people are dying from covid. People are dying from car wrecks. Are you refusing to drive? Of course not. See how silly that sounds.
  8. You all are pretty confused by rare events vs millions of people dead from covid. I’ve talked to many doctors. I work in the pharma field. I’ve done my own research. hospital staff is not missing time for vaccine side effects. That’s frankly laughable. They are missing time from having covid.
  9. I am. I’m not out here complaining about doing my job.
  10. I am. I’m not out here complaining about doing my job.
  11. I’m not. You can do whatever you want. Just be prepared to face the consequences of those actions.
  12. You haven't answered any of my questions? Did you quit driving your car?
  13. You are comparing today’s technology to that of 200 years ago?
  14. Who cares how long it took? My post is not irrelevant. You just keep inventing reasons to be scared
  15. People will be including hrdrochloroquine and ivermectin and bleach someday on that list
  16. Your post is totally irrelevant. 70 years after the polio vaccine and Polio is nearly irradiated worldwide. Is their some smallpox outbreak I'm unaware of? Different vaccines work differently. Take the flu. It doesn't get rid of the flu. If you are vaccinated you are just much less likely to get the flu and if you do get the flu the symptoms are generally much more mild. Then you have things like Polio and MMR which basically mean you aren't getting that disease. Furthermore, if you actually do some research you will see that MRNA vaccines have been in development for over a decade. And if you don't want an MRNA vaccine, take one like J and J and their will be more coming out I'm sure. Question: if you get covid, will you take the new pills that have just come out? Because a) you have know idea what are in those and b) they have been developed much more quickly than the vaccines.
  17. Billions of people have taken the shot. The percent that have died, especially in this country is infinitesimal. We are approaching 1 million people that have died from Covid. Give me a break. I've never seen people so scared of something that statistically is safe as can be. You are more likely to die from driving your car, walking across the street, getting struck by lighting. If you are scared just say you are scared, don't give us this my body my freedom argument. It's disingenuous at best. Like I said, the vast majority of these people have never refused a vaccine before, you put stuff in your body you have no idea what is in it all the time, and you are now making an argument for to be pro-choice on abortion. People die in car accidents. Did you quit driving your car? The government and we are talking about CMS here, not generally elected officials, has doctors and medical experts working for them and people that have worked in healthcare for their entire lives. These healthcare workers have never been opposed to a vaccine in their lives. Why now? Everyone I know got the vaccine including now my two children under 11. I'm on my third dose. I don't know anyone that had an adverse reaction. Yes they do happen but they are rare. Some people have adverse reactions to Penicillin. Are we all going to stop taking antibiotics? Nearly all the people telling you not to get vaccinated ARE VACCINATED. Trump is vaccinated.
  18. Point here is we need healthcare workers. Now is not the time to take some personal stand. The vaccination is safe. Get it and do your job. We need you.
  19. You’re trying to change the subject anyway. Any employer is well within their right to require employees to be vaccinated and if the employees choose not to that is their right. But it is their choice not to comply and they face the consequences. It’s not the hospital’s fault. Freedom of choice doesn’t mean you can do whatever you want.
  20. I hope none of these vaccine refusers ever plans to work in healthcare again. Every health care provider is going to require it. I just started a job where I work from home and my new company requires the vaccine. It makes sense. Getting covid will drastically drive up the cost of healthcare benefits they provide. The people that won’t get vaccinated are the danger at this point.
  21. You conveniently left out the first sentence of that paragraph. Vaccination reduces the risk of delta variant infection and accelerates viral clearance.
  22. You are far less likely to transmit it if you are vaccinated vs unvaccinated. You are also far less likely to get it meaning you will be able to do your job and be able to show up.
  23. A lot of people need to learn that just because you are free to do or not do something does not mean you are free from the consequences of that choice. Fine don't get the vaccine but the consequence is you don't get to work at a healthcare facility whose job it is to heal and protect patient health. To work at Penn Highlands you are tested for all kinds of anti-bodies upon hire and if you are missing any, you have to get vaccinated for those. Health care workers chose this field. They chose to help patients and do what is in the patients' best interest not what is in their own. Now during a pandemic they want to put themselves before the patients? The vaccine is clearly the best way to protect yourself and others from Covid. Get the vaccine if you care about your patients. Healthcare workers from history are surely rolling in their graves at the cowards and selfish babies that now work in the healthcare field. Just down the road during the Polio outbreak millions of parents in Pittsburgh signed their children up and themselves to test the Polio vaccine to protect the rest of the world. Where would we be if they had acted so cowardly? Get the vaccine and do your jobs.
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