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  1. Because they didn't catch him or covid lol. Only thing I can think.
  2. Pm you. Thank you in advance.
  3. JT85


    Sure am. I enjoy my neighborhood. All older people.
  4. JT85


    My neighbors seem to be just fine. They do their thing and I do mine
  5. JT85


    I was just saying how I never see anyone outside. Well the one neighbor guy that mowes at 10 at night with his rider and headlight on. So dumb. But its not like it used to be.
  6. Not since this morning. Wish they would already.
  7. Never even thought of them. Gonna go talk to them today and see. Thank you.
  8. I Hate when I get my head stuck in a sh**ty situation.
  9. I'm looking around. Trying to find one closer to the area. Found one in hooverville which is 2 hours away. Gonna go to a couple places tomorrow and look. If I find one ill make sure to message u when its being brought over. Maybe we can get it locked up. If I could figure out these trail cameras we could set them up also.
  10. Oh trust me I don't believe what they say. I am on the same road u are about it. If they didn't want these people in they never would have been in there. Holding doors open isn't securing the place lol.
  11. I would have to say u guest already know where these folks are. U all seem to know a lot about them all. So please go to your local police with your concerns because no one on here has the answers that u already have to your questions. This isn't goclearfield.com its godubois.com. we have our own issues to worry about in our town. Thanks for your time sincerely, The actual Members of Godubois.com
  12. Sorry had to say it before crazy people said it lol. I don't think this is right at all. They need to do something about this and charge who is involved in wrong doing if there is any. Hard to believe anything anymore.
  13. These people are lucky to be alive and in prison. Domestic Terrorists get what they deserve.
  14. Wth. I'm gonna look for one today. If anyone has one ill buy it off them for the garden club.
  15. JT85


    Heck that was just from the back seat lmao. Hate to see what the front looked like.
  16. JT85


    Do u not have anything better to do?? Would u rather her throw it out on the road instead??
  17. Next time message me. Ill be right over to take it. Whats the point of having a dog if being a drunk is more important.
  18. First name is Justin. Guess he's been in and out of jail for awhile. Sure their not releasing his info for informant reasons.
  19. This is a hard one to swallow. You would think as the parent you have the right to who your child talks to or not but in this situation they want to help the child if he/she is being abused so if you refuse they charge you with whatever they can think of to get their way which I don't agree with. I hope the child is ok in this situation. But if the mother knew this is b.s and then maybe thats why she refused but she should of appeased them with her attorney and let them talk and make fools out of themselves. Then open a claim against them.
  20. I'm surprised our body even survived that. Bottles and bottles. Totally forgot about Boone's brought back so many crazy memories
  21. 2nd body they found in the river. Very sad. Prayers for this young man's family.
  22. I think Zac Brown would be a good show. Think I'm gonna take my step daughter to see machine gun kelly in October. Shes been bugging to see him for years now lol.
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