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  1. Guess they should have just dug it up and kept it to theirselves. They did the right thing and get nothing while the gold bars are being shipped to china. They could of at least gave them 2 bars a piece. So roughly $610,000 a bar if the weight per bar was 12.4kg. Gold is $1,530/troy oz. Is roughly where the price is now. But its gonna keep going up. That might have been worth their time. Hope they get something out of it even if they honor them of being the ones who found the lost treasure.
  2. Definitely not in DuBois... Dagus mines possibly. Guess them both starting with d and then gold got into play u must have forgot how to read lol.
  3. Mr.Ryen??? Lmao just kidding. But I may think u have something to do with authority to get this upset about the truth. The guy should have done his job and checked this before saying ok... Common sense says do your job and do it right...
  4. So when we go out what are we supposed to do?? I can’t remember.
  5. Well I’m above 30 lmao but thanks and it’s just disappointing to see how people are acting. People need to remember what respect is and dignity..
  6. People just need to stay home. My place of work is not a place to meet up and block the isles while chatting about the virus one foot from eachother. Stop taking things from my hands and keep ur distance. I’m so disappointed of the human race and I really don’t like it anymore. Some way some how it has to end and I hope it’s soon before I snap... And I’m not a mean person but I’m going to start treating people as they act...
  7. Maybe. I just know they are constantly calling for any help at the registers. I think if there is OT then it’s usually going to the cap teams. The ones that are unloading and stocking shelves. I wouldn’t mind OT.
  8. They want to be cleaned and make sure we can stock the shelves and not have to play frogger while doing so. I also feel that it will make people calm down some. We are also going to be having Tuesday from 6-7am for the wiser folks until April 28. I think this is a very wise move and it’s not just our Walmart it is every Walmart in the usa
  9. Walmart’s new hours starting tomorrow March 19. 7am-8:30pm
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    Well apparently I care...
  11. JT85


    I’m not an old timer by any means. And the monopoly is already happening in DuBois. And I don’t feel sandy wants to be part of that. Do I think it would be great for new heads in the seats here in DuBois yes. And I think sandy township supervisors would do a better job because they care about their citizens. When I think of sandy township I think of country and family oriented people. They are the heart of this area and have respect for one another. Here in DuBois is where can we get the next penny for the padded seats on the benches. Or how many light post we can put up. I just don’t see sandy residents going for this at all..
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    When they consolidate just remember sandy township will be part of the monopoly here in DuBois. You have no choice but what DuBois choices. Screw the roads and education. Baseball fields and street lights will be the first topic to better sandy Bois. U won’t have a choice who gets ur garbage and ur water/sewage rates will skyrocket. I’m sure herm is loving getting more area to control. And I find it funny certain people will think this is great but what has changed in the last 20 years in either place. Nothing in DuBois and in sandy the people that run it is all. I don’t think DuBois should take on anymore debt and neither should sandy. Take care of your own area before trying to save others.
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    Vacation what is that?? Haven’t took one in over 20 years.
  14. First pic that's what deer do. And the second pic is the dust coming out of the feeder. Its not fog. Sorry neither picture is scary or paranormal.
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