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  1. LFG

    Clemson/Bama 4

    Well, every few years or so another SEC school buys a good quarterback
  2. So, how will the rest of the country feel watching two clearly superior Deep South teams play for yet another national championship? I mean, come on, Notre Dame got humiliated by Clemson Saturday and now they want to play Bama? They should have just stayed non-conference and saved themselves the embarrassment instead of trying to cash in on a loophole. And OSU shouldn’t even be in consideration for the playoff with 6 games played. Hasn’t Clemson beaten them down enough in the post season? I mean, we all like seeing the Buckeyes lose, but I would have preferred to see them snubbed. Texas A
  3. Yeah, Different line of Sabans. And Nicks...
  4. I don’t want anyone from Bama, aside from Kirby Smart they have a poor track record in the SEC. The game is moving away from Saban’s style, too, no more defensive struggles with a pocket passer
  5. No, I actually kind of like Franklin, but I share Jaman’s opinion. He gets a lead, then plays to protect the lead and chokes. He’s been so close and can’t cross the line. As a Gamecock I’m just sick of washed up coaches whose better days were at the school they left behind. Holtz, Spurrier, even Muschamp and Muschamp was already a loser in the SEC East . I’d rather have a younger up and coming coach who was kicking ass at a smaller school, like Jamey Chadwell at Coastal Carolina
  6. You’d better be talking about Southern Cal
  7. Considering WE ARE 0-5, I wouldn’t be watching much football, either. I hear Muschamp is available
  8. He was a defensive coordinator. Have you seen our defense? If so, I hope he stays in the SEC East
  9. Worth every penny. Now they need to fire Tanner (AD) For signing that ridiculous 6 year extension 2 years ago
  10. LFG

    PSU Franklin

    What? That hair is luxurious
  11. LFG

    PSU Franklin

    That’s the one thing I like
  12. LFG

    PSU Franklin

    Oh yeah, he’s a crusader. Another reason I hate him
  13. LFG

    PSU Franklin

    Not that y’all in Big10 country give a crap, but Trevor Lawrence done got the Covid. Now Clemson might only beat Boston College by 35
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