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  1. I haven’t been on much lately, more management than time, then a much needed vacation. Anyhoo, my neck of SC has reportedly been a hotspot for a while. Averaging 80-100 new cases per day for over a month. I still only personally know one person who has had it, and a total of 3 I know through acquaintances. I’ll say the same thing today I said after my April vacation: Remove yourself from TV and internet for a few days and you wouldn’t even know anything was going on. Well, except for the dirty masks everyone is wearing below their noses
  2. My hometown had been pretty consistently climbing over the last couple of months, 2 new cases per day, 10 new cases per day, 30, and kind of stuck around 30-50. That is, until the last 10 days. It could be coincidence, and there has been more testing, but about a week after the protests started we started seeing daily increases in our county alone of 140-160 new cases per day. Yesterday we set a new state record with 987 new cases statewide
  3. What part of “I’ve had my fill of it“ did you not understand?
  4. Well, for those of you in favor of wearing masks and staying home for a while longer, keep your eyes on SC and NC for the next few weeks. GA’s curve, for some reason, has remained relatively flat, but SC has had 4 consecutive days of the highest numbers of new infections since testing began. Yes, testing has increased, but the percentage of positive test results has doubled. Our curve is getting steeper, so is NC. In all this time GA has had more cases than NC and SC combined, not any more. https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.thestate.com/news/coronavirus/article243195906.html I’m still living my life just like I was last week, I’ve had my fill of riots and Covid 19, just thought I’d pass it along
  5. If you work in a job where you normally order masks in bulk, say 50 at a time, and you ordered them 3 weeks ago, you are probably still waiting. Cleaning supplies, PPE, all of the normal stuff we use on a daily basis is backordered and we have been waiting weeks. I hope it's because of the health care industry, but I think people rushed all the online suppliers buying bulk from anyone that sold it. Office Depot, Grainger, Ritz Safety, etc...
  6. Thank goodness for Netflix
  7. Due to my job I know certain people in certain agencies, and one of them told me that the problem with this virus is the irreversible damage it can do to the respiratory system. Said it's roughly equivalent to 25 years of smoking
  8. I've always assumed you were the youngster of the gang, even taking into account that at 47 I'm a whippersnapper here, but now I know you are younger than 30. Once you pass 30 your statement above is no longer a surprise, and after 40 you drop the "really" and "anymore"
  9. I have to admit I'm not concerned about wearing a mask. I'm definitely more aware of how close I am to people, stifle any coughs my allergies may be triggering, but I'm still not nervous. Some people worry too much, I guess I don't worry enough, but even with the reported numbers, unreported numbers, whatever, the statistics still stick in my head. I live in a rural area, work in a remote area, I'm not ready to don a hazmat suit just to leave the house.
  10. It's shocking that Academy is doing it. And enforcing it, too. You stand in line and no one goes in until someone comes out. 1 person per family
  11. One of the only stores I have seen here using extreme, but sensible, measures is Academy Sports. I assume y'all have those, sporting goods store the size of a Walmart. Ours is only allowing 5 shoppers in the store at a time
  12. Just found out about the first friend of mine to catch it. 50 year old female, no underlying conditions. She was sent home to recover. I asked her how she would compare it to the flu. She said body aches comparable to the flu, cough and chest pain 10 times worse
  13. In other news, garbage man and beloved GoDoobwa contributor found dead in home with forks embedded deeply in ears. Film at 11
  14. Maybe they can get that Prime slot right after Lego Masters
  15. Sign at the boat dealer by the lake said "Boating is safer than traveling"
  16. Ok, I'll give you that, but if you have a spare you should give it to Lindsey I still refuse to wear one at the stores. If I go down, I'm going down fighting. I also go outside in the cold with my hair wet and swim right after eating
  17. Ok, Jaman, I started off on your side about the needless hysteria, it's all political, etc..., but think for a minute... You have 1 case in your town, so now you're going to wear a mask. Why weren't you wearing one before? If you didn't need it yesterday, why do you suddenly need it today? The coronavirus didn't spring forth from the earth under the infected person and now there's suddenly one person infected in DooBwa. The virus is already here, everywhere. It's more concentrated in more populated areas, but it's in every state now. By the end of the day it will be in every county in SC. Now you get serious because it's a direct threat to you? It was already a direct threat to you. The numbers are only as low as they are because only a fraction of people who need to be tested are being tested. I'm willing to bet there are people who are infected that are sick, know it, and don't want to be tested. It's a little late to be worrying about the mask now. I think it's possible the severity of the illness is exaggerated, maybe not, but there are way, way more people infected than the numbers you see on TV. I just find it surprising that you, of all people, want to wear a mask now because there is one confirmed case in your town. I wasn't wearing a mask last week when there were 24 cases in the state of SC, I'm not wearing a mask today when there are 33 cases in my county. Be smart, but don't be scared. I heard that from someone who knows...
  18. Did some social distancing and de-stressing Saturday
  19. I still look at the title of this thread and my mind changes from day to day. I had my iTunes on shuffle on the way to work this morning and a song came up in the rotation that sounded like the new theme song of the left...
  20. Let me preface this by saying this is what I was told by someone I trust. I'm not an expert, not claiming this as fact, and I know there are nurses on this board. If anyone agrees, disagrees, or wants to expand, please do so. I was told that what is so concerning and dangerous about this virus, and why it is so dangerous for people with underlying conditions, is how it attacks the respiratory system. It's not like pneumonia, where the alveoli (broccoli looking) part of the lungs are covered with fluid, it actually blocks the exchange of oxygen to the bloodstream, much like Narcan blocks opioids. That's why it's repeated over and over that shortness of breath is a symptom. It's a severe shortness of breath due to lack of oxygen, and coupled with another respiratory illness can be deadly
  21. Testing is about to really ramp up, and numbers are going to reflect that...
  22. In my line of business I deal with certain agencies and inspectors at the state level, and befriend some of them over time. I had a conversation with one of them off the record this afternoon. I'm not going to start rumors, make guesses or assumptions, but I'm also going to refrain from further complaining about shutdowns and making jokes about overreacting. Don't rush out and buy all the toilet paper, but avoid groups of people...
  23. I'm telling you, man, TP. That's a loophole that hasn't been exploited yet, don't miss that boat. You could be the king of DooBwa, high atop your throne...
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