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    I have two run and play space medium pens, an open guinea pig home, plus lots of additional interlocking fencing to create play yards for guinea pigs and hamsters. There are 7 water bottles, a small hamster wheel appropriate for baby hamsters, a large hamster wheel, a hamster rolling ball, some guinea pig chew toys, a hamster igloo, feeding bowls, and some other things like a hamster bed, guinea ladder, and small hamster carrier / tube housing. Last photo shows the large blue wheel, small red wheel, and hamster ball. Wheels can be locked into the side of the pens for stability. Just one of the medium pens is $45.00 plus shipping at petco.com. Leave message at 375-5364 to set up a time to meet in Dubois for you to pick up this great bargain. Be sure to say your phone number so I can call you back.


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