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  1. Every morning I get awake, look at the news, and see more idiocy. If it wasn’t so horribly serious it would be laughable the decisions these idiots are making. Biden’s memoirs will have a chapter entitled.....How to Destroy a Nation in 90 Days.
  2. And what will happen to Hunter?........Sadly, nothing.
  3. How I love MLB! BUT, not as much as I love the USA. Good bye MLB along with all other professional sports who are participating in this idiocy that is going on in America. Good bye Delta, Coca Cola and anyone else on this bandwagon. How laughable that you think we value your opinions. The last time I flew, it was Delta. Never again.
  4. Oops...did that wrong. dear Lupara.....you truly have to be joking.
  5. You’ve got to be joking.
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