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  1. Get on I-80 E in Sandy Township from Beaver Dr and PA-255 N 7 min (3.4 mi) Follow I-80 E and US-220 N to Market St in Williamsport. Take exit 27A from I-180 E 1 hr 41 min (110 mi) Turn left onto Market St (signs for Susquehanna Beltway/I-180/US Hwy 220) 1 min (0.2 mi) Williamsport
  2. By the looks of the casket she must have been really short.
  3. Just because you have the money to belong to one of these clubs does not put you above the law. All it is is greed and insecurity. They close up thousands of acres that your ancestors walked and hunted for years. Lastly think about it Your hunting equipment , travel , and the membership fees make that venison pretty expensive. Oh and the fellas that were fined got what the deserved,
  4. There is only ONE true prophet that you should be following. That is the Lord God. Set down and read his book , it will show you the truth and the light. It is available at your local church or book store.
  5. And there is the problem. Especially in Fla and other southern states.
  6. Question is , why did they take it to a pet shop ???? In Fla .they pay people to hunt them because they are taking over everything.
  7. DLE1950


    Won't go there. A few years ago I stopped there and ordered a spicy chicken sandwich and nuggets. When I went to eat the sandwich it wasn't fully cooked. I as to see the manager and told here about it. She called me a G.D. liar ,I said you try it.She refused to even look at it and I never got my nuggets either. No refund or replacement meal. I walked out and so did the line waiting behind me. I have always gone to Dubois since and have received great service. I don't do fasy food in Punxy. Less than ediable food at B.K. and Mcd's in Punxsy also. Joe's gets my buisness when in Punxsty.
  8. DLE1950


    I'm having a Dave's double withdrawl. Any body know when they are going to reopen?
  9. Naw it had nothing to do with the potty. They were wearing them in honor of their fearless leader. Mr Joe poopy pants.
  10. That's the signal for blasting. Used it when I worked for Austin Powder Co.
  11. It's all part of the master plan people. We better wake up soon and do something about this idiot and his cronies. Heigl Biden. Amazing people hate Trump and most can't give you a reason why. Then there is Comrade Harris and Pelosi pulling the strings of the supreme leader. Yes master Americans will obey. for America
  12. I would rather see her van take to spaces than 2 truck full of Amish shoppers while their driver sets in their truck while the Amish go shopping. That's abuse of your handicapped placard.
  13. It is widely taught that the mark of the beast will be a computer chip, surgically implanted under the skin, by a totalitarian government wishing to exercise total control over its citizens. Some have speculated the mark was tied to bar codes or even the social security numbers used in the United States.
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