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  1. Garage sales View Advert Don't forget the Reynoldsville town wide yard sales this week end 7/16-7/17. 21 locations and loads of good stuff. Don't forget to stop at 901 Pancoast st. Lot's off good stuff and no clothes. FRi & Sat 7//16 -7/17 Advertiser DLE1950 Date 07/15/2021 Price Category Reynoldsville - Sykesville - Big Run - Punxsy
  2. Mark of the beast. How do we know they are not injecting us with a saline solution containing a identifying or controlling chip to be activated when the count reaches 75%?
  3. Mr.D. Penn dot uses drop deck Low boy trailers to haul equipment. They separate at the goose neck and pull the truck ahead. They load and reconnect. Could have been an air brake malfunction on the tractor.
  4. Nazi Germany all over again. This is the way 3rd world country's treat their political prisoner also.
  5. Next they will be building one in Wishaw and Pardus.
  6. Or maybe even the 60's. Hot cars and hotter women.
  7. And here I thought those post on Friday by Mr.D were pulled by Facebook.
  8. Yeh rite , From the man that thinks that he is GOD almighty.
  9. Why did the Jews have no protection but Hitler had his SS and brown shirts during WW2? Think about it.
  10. Joe doesn't want people to know the books are at his current reading level
  11. Treasure Lake back in the 50's. Boy does this film bring back memories. I work up there off and on for many years. I worked for Treasure Lake in my senior year at building the ski lodge and the country club and for Maple const . on Gallion bay and Wolf run bay. My dad and I did the cement work on the risers that you see out from the breast of those 2 places. They are to release water from the lake if needed. I also worked for NACO on Silver wood golf course and the camp ground and Susguehanna Quarries. while working for Crammer lumber I delivered lots of building materials there and for Drayer
  12. This Ad is SOLD!

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    Spring is coming. Good time to get out and enjoy the weather and find lost treasure. The detector comes with Garrett Ace250 detector. Books and DVD. Whites pin pointer. Treasure apron. Knife. Garrett headphones. 2 sand scoops. Champion carry bag and original box. Was used very little. Come check it out and try it. I can no longer get down to dig and enjoy it. Pick up in Reynoldsville,Pa.


  13. DLE1950

    Scam website

    I like shopping local. I can see hat I'm buying and know I can return it.
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