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  1. It's all part of the master plan people. We better wake up soon and do something about this idiot and his cronies. Heigl Biden. Amazing people hate Trump and most can't give you a reason why. Then there is Comrade Harris and Pelosi pulling the strings of the supreme leader. Yes master Americans will obey. for America
  2. I would rather see her van take to spaces than 2 truck full of Amish shoppers while their driver sets in their truck while the Amish go shopping. That's abuse of your handicapped placard.
  3. It is widely taught that the mark of the beast will be a computer chip, surgically implanted under the skin, by a totalitarian government wishing to exercise total control over its citizens. Some have speculated the mark was tied to bar codes or even the social security numbers used in the United States.
  4. Another state stupid idea. Why should 1,200 suffer due to one nans stupidy?
  5. Mine is handicapped parking spaces. People using them with out placards or license plates. The worse are Amish taxi drivers with placards that park in the spots then sit in their trucks while the dutchies shop. Aldi's is the worse. Meanwhile the people with canes ,walkers and wheelchairs that need the spaces have to walk from some where out in the parking lot They use them for the convenice of the Amish rather than them self. The taxi drivers should be fined and their placards taken away.
  6. Take a look at the picture again. waaaay more men than women and children. They aren't running from the Taliban they are the Taliban. Wake up Americans , you are bring played.
  7. Mark of the beast. How do we know they are not injecting us with a saline solution containing a identifying or controlling chip to be activated when the count reaches 75%?
  8. Mr.D. Penn dot uses drop deck Low boy trailers to haul equipment. They separate at the goose neck and pull the truck ahead. They load and reconnect. Could have been an air brake malfunction on the tractor.
  9. Nazi Germany all over again. This is the way 3rd world country's treat their political prisoner also.
  10. Next they will be building one in Wishaw and Pardus.
  11. Or maybe even the 60's. Hot cars and hotter women.
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