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  1. I heard the governor of California is throwing his hat in for president. Are they not related??? She looking forward to bigger thing I he would make it
  2. And all because their famous resident fell off his bicycle.
  3. I can't believe they are talking about buying his contract out. Hasn't he takin enough money from the city? Fire his ass and throw him in jail. You know they would if it was you. Or are they afraid we will find out who else may be involved in his scam?
  4. 1/6/2020 The day AMERICA and FREEDOM started a slow and agonizing death. GOD help us all.
  5. I seen that Bennett farms above Bigrun has their high tunnels for sale.
  6. Just like daddy , a disgrace to this country of ours.
  7. Every day we edge a little closer to total commie /socialist control in this country under the current administration.
  8. Tim Loomis on Thunderbird road on the lower end near the resturant.
  9. I believe it is because we are going to find out it goes much deeper than Herm.
  10. Trucker dump ??? It's happened before.
  11. Tim Loomis on Thunder Bird road.
  12. Try Yellow Dog goast town in Armstrong county near Kittaning. It is an old mining town and most of the houses are still there. Google it.
  13. The liberals let all these immigrants in to America And give them free housing , schooling , foods stamps etc. So it only goes to figure they think that they can go into the stores and take what they want free .
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