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  1. Heaven wins and we lose. Rest in peace Betty White.
  2. We have plans for a two day trip in May next year and would like to explore an in-home pet sitter or at least an overnight person. Does anyone have any recommendations for the DuBois area?
  3. Generally speaking and IMHO - customer service of any type is pretty poor in DuBois.
  4. Only when it's convenient for them. Pretty good act really if you stop and think about it.
  5. Maybe the ATA would have been able to accommodate for a ride - if you could schedule them in advance? Since DuBois is down to basically 2 new car dealership families - I would venture to think that customer service will not be the top priority moving forward? We are way behind the times around this area and that is the way most want it. We may see some improvement now that DuBois / Sandy Twp are proposed to merge someday. Times change, but not always for the better.
  6. We watch the movie Tora, Tora, Tora every year on December 7th. The greatest generation for sure.
  7. Yes - dogs bark, natural for them to do so. We allow ours to bark outside for a few minutes and then call them back inside. If something is alarming them - maybe another session and that is the end of it. We allow our dogs to be the instinctive protectors and watch dogs that they are - but like everything else concerning their care - moderation is key. Dog owners need to control their dogs from barking - just like being on a leash when they are off property. My opinions are my own and how we train our dogs is too - mother taught us a long time ago that we didn't have anything good to say - just keep it to ourselves.
  8. CNN and the rest of the liberal media is as nervous as a fat dog on a Korean life boat.
  9. The Chinese need the coal for all their coal burning power plants that they are building. We will have everything clean and environmentally safe for them when they take us over. Good job Brandon.
  10. Yep Covid is the new easy way out for I don't wanna do it. Horsecrap!
  11. Wouldn't keeping naloxone available for drug over doses be disrupting some selective process instead of letting nature take it's course?
  12. I never got the PA CCW permits at the county level anyway. To me it was always just a money maker for the county sheriff departments. I liked a comment that I read that said "if anyone asks to see my gun permit, I just whip out a copy of the US Constitution". Wolf is a weiner at any rate who should have been run out of libtown Harrisburg years ago.
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