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  1. When we were talking instead of working, my brother's father-in-law would yell at us and say "if you want to ask each other something, write each other a letter". I still laugh about it today many years later. I did just fine without any social media back then and still do today.
  2. Youtube, Twitter and Facebook are being combined to become YouTwitFace. Stay tuned.
  3. Anyone know why the Oklahoma road was closed earlier this evening? Brady Twp Fire Company was camped out at the Salem end not letting traffic enter?
  4. I'm confused. So if the unvaccinated get vaccinated to protect the vaccinated, then who is going to protect the formerly unvaccinated after they get vaccinated and become part of the protected vaccinated? I think we need a new vaccine to protect the vaccinated from the unvaccinated after they become vaccinated, thereby making the vaccinated the new unvaccinated class in need of a vaccine passport to show while they were unvaccinated, they are now vaccinated and therefore in need of a vaccine to further protect the vaccinated from the vaccinated. Right?
  5. We try to go to town just once a week and try and stay away from the prime travel times. When we do make the trip - it never ceases to amaze me the number of people driving around with their heads so far up their shorts.
  6. Well there is no shortage of trash in this area and others. I'm sure that there will be another wave more than willing to step up and take their place while we we are keeping this group in prison. Trash begets trash so we will have a never ending supply of those who will deal this garbage and bring in others to help them. Hey - it's better than working for a living - regardless of who suffers in the end.
  7. Hanging is cheap and quick. The sooner the better too!
  8. Damn close to the truth. We've got a good supply of both. I may be too old to fight - but I can still load and shoot.
  9. Maybe he should have thought about his boys before he got mixed up in drugs in the first place?
  10. We dropped it off today and much appreciated.
  11. One of our flat screen TV's got damaged. Due to the electronics recycling concerns what do you do with them? We called Clearfield Recycling (by the Clearfield jail), we were told that we had to make an appointment which the first available was three (3) weeks out - be there at a specified time and pay $.40 / pound to get rid of it. This sure didn't sound like a user friendly experience to me. We are all for recycling - but we would hope that it would be convenient.
  12. He's a cocky little liberal shrimp that should be run out of Harrisburg - and government all together.
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