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  1. Pennsylvania no longer reports the number of recovered cases and I cannot find the number of active cases. I believe the relatively low number of 585 currently hospitalized and 103 ventilators currently in use for covid-19 purposes are important.
  2. According to figures reported at noon today on health.pa.gov website: Pennsylvania Covid-19 statistics 110,970 confirmed cases to date 3,185 probable cases to date 585 hospitalized currently There are currently 918 ventilators in use for all purposes of which 103 are in use for covid-19 cases. There have been a total of 1,142,414 negative test results to date
  3. If a zip code has less than 5 cases they redact the actual number and just say they have between 1 and 4 cases. There are 8 zip codes other than Clearfield that have positive cases. With 21 total positive cases, and Clearfield having 5 of those, the remaining zip codes would only have to average 2 positive cases each.
  4. According to health.pa.gov, as of May 3, Clearfield has 5 cases. DuBois, West Decatur, Rockton, Philipsburg, Cherry Tree, Houtzdale, Osceola Mills, and Coalport each have between 1 and 4 cases of Covid 19.
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