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  1. what's with all the helicopters Treasure Lake/255 vicinity?
  2. Are all package carriers going to join in? I think not. UPS is allowed to make a statement even if you don’t agree with it. I just don’t think it will a difference.
  3. Does anyone know how I can get in touch with the young man ( I believe from Brockway that sells the painted walking sticks and handmade Christmas ornaments? I believe his name is Josh. I wanted to purchase some ornaments.
  4. Ok - thanks for the info - every time I go by there doesn’t seem to be anything happening. Someone thought they wrapped it for safety’s sake and were going to demolish it.
  5. mollycan - I agree with you on the respect aspect but I am afraid that word has gone out of style. When I can’t go to any public place and not hear the F word tossed around indiscriminately, I wonder what is being taught at home. It is not just the adults. I have heard it out of every age. The younger they are, the more parents laugh at it. Sad.....
  6. While I certainly don’t condone the language and I consider it disrespectful ( and no I am not a Biden supporter), supposedly we still live in a “free” country with a Freedom of Speech amendment. I think local ordinances would have to be enacted to do something about it and then that amendment would come into play. I’ve always been offended by the Confederate flags I see, especially in our area, but I just form my own opinion of the person who has it up and ignore it.
  7. Does anyone know if they accept produce? I’m being overrun with cucumbers and zucchini right now.
  8. Paperboy


    This is why we record 90 % of what we watch, even news so we can fast forward thru everything. Commercials are ridiculous. The same can be said for the adult diapers, tampon and pad commercials. I think we can figure this stuff out but ourselves. Personally, I make a conscience effort to not buy stuff from commercials that offend me.
  9. Can anyone tell when this business first opened? Had someone from out of town ask. Know it’s been here a long time.
  10. I guess it’s Lyons not Lines-on Juniata St
  11. Does anyone know if Lines’ Greenhouse will be open this year?
  12. Not from this house. I’m done with the MLB. Never did like the NBA. We used to watch multiple NFL games. Now just the Steelers. Haven’t bought any merchandise other than theirs in years but haven’t attended any baseball or football games in a long time.The only thing we haven’t given up on is hockey. But most of their players are from other countries and just play the sport and aren’t caught up in our ridiculousness.
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