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  1. Please read and share. A letter from the RN's at PH DuBois.

    Hoping we can avoid that !
  2. 💕 We respectfully ask that each of you read this and if you are so inclined please pray for all of the RN's at PH DuBois. For the last several weeks we have all come together united as one to make our hospital the best it can possibly be. Our motives are pure and our efforts have been honest and mighty. We strive for more time with our patients, increased safety for all including manageable nurse/patient ratios, reasonable scheduling, recognition for years worked, efforts to increase retention, and most important, respect. They, management, will have you believe that we are just out for more money. That would be great for sure as we are some of the lowest paid nurses in the region. If all we wanted was more money, we would have looked elsewhere long ago. We love our jobs, we love our patients, we love our coworkers. When trying to speak to management about our issues we have been told more than a couple times that if we don't like it there then we can JUST LEAVE. However, WE. DON'T. WANT. TO. LEAVE. We want to make it better. That is why we are forming a union through PASNAP. You can not imagine what we are going through each and every day. Management has hired union busters who are paid $3-4,000 dollars A DAY. Their tactics have been downright appalling. Management have allowed anti union fliers be placed all over the units. We were even told that our "fellow nurses" came and posted anti union fliers all over our units. Interesting that they were allowed to do this after management threatened pro union staff with HIPAA violations for the very same thing. Our pro union fliers are illegally, yes illegally being removed from our units. National Labor Laws make it crystal clear that we are 100 % allowed to post our own materials. We have been working within the law while anti union folks are posting online slanderous narratives on respected RN's in our facility. Anti union folks are spreading proven mistruths about our employees and actually ran a campaign over the weekend to make it appear that one of our respected nurses was trying to have us all call off on Labor Day to what, prove a point ? The efforts are ludicrous and are simply an attempt to scare our nurses away from voting yes. We are being mandated to attend "educational" meetings run by union busters in an effort to sway our votes to no. This has taken us away from our patients for hours at a time. We are good people, we are good nurses, no GREAT nurses. We want to provide our patients with the best care possible. We spent thousands of dollars to have that honor. We are proud of what we do. Please support us in whatever way you can. Share this, talk about it, pray about it. After all, if you are reading this you most likely at some point have been our patient. 💕