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  2. Thank you again for the help and the offer but I just got back from getting some plants. Going to Brockway FFA tomorrow for vegies.
  3. How many plants do you want? I have potted plants right now that have berries forming on them
  4. As long as they stay away or dont fire anything on or toward myself or property the ATF has nothing to worry about.
  5. It's about time they realize America is tired of paying their free ride.....time to get back to work! I wasn't one of the ones fortunate enough to get paid to stay home.....I lived......party's over....get back to work!
  6. Sounds like fun but I don't think the atf would think so lmao
  7. I am all for it. Stick it right in the Liberal's faces.
  8. Definitely has a mental sickness of some sort. To go on doing this sort of activity after being found guilty is something she apparently can't and won't stop. She is not learning from her bad choices. Needs psychological help.
  9. I hope all turns out well for the nurse. What a horrible thing to have happen when you are trying to do your job helping someone!
  10. What is wrong with folks? Common sense is in short supply these days.
  11. Ya, gas in plastic bags!!!!!! And they probably vote. Wanna guess what party they vote for?
  12. This fellow has been doing this a long time. You would think someone would get wise to him. This is not his first rodeo.
  13. I dont believe people on here are that stupid except for maybe a couple Biden voters
  14. THANK YOU. Ive read about Bonnie Plants. I was trying to give business locally but will follow your advice.
  15. I see we agree with the 100 stupid mandates. And the actions of the AFT. I have 5 educators in my family. I work in education. ONe retired locally, the other 4 near big cities. They agree with me.
  16. Time Left: 1 month and 29 days

    • FOR SALE
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    Big Run location behind the pipe factory. Price depends on quantity you buy: 1-3 dozens $3 4-10 dozens $2.50 phone # 814-427-26-93 See you shortly.


  17. Wow. Calling this year a "vacation" for teachers. C'mon. Especially for LOCAL teachers who have been teaching online students at the same time as in-person students and adapting to a 100 other stupid mandates along the way. Our LOCAL teachers have busted their asses this year. If you want to carry on and complain about idiotic leadership at the National level, that's one thing but slamming teachers in general is out of line.
  18. Did you try Lowe’s or WM for Bonnie Plants? That supplier usually has really nice plants that are further ahead of the others. Yes you are going to pay a little more, but they are worth it.
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