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  1. I still can’t believe people fall for these scams.
  2. Guess it was to easy to go to/call the neighbor & ask them to come get their cat.
  3. 2 Vehicle Accident Near Benezette Store At 9:22 AM on Sunday, Jay Township Fire & Bennetts Valley Ambulance dispatched to a 2 vehicle accident on Rt. 555 in the area of the Benezette store. Two possible injuries
  4. Thank God they are coming out with clear masks now. I’m surprised she didn’t have a pen & notepad in her purse for situations like this. Our son was deaf in his left ear. A lot of his friends didn’t know because Joe never told them.
  5. Is it DuBois Live or Live Wire of DuBois?
  6. Petee, she just started to do little things that “normal” 2 yr olds do during the terrible two’s!!
  7. I’m probably going to get blasted for this, but 🤷‍♀️ On godubois it took you long enough “to learn to look past others remarks and go on about their day”.
  8. Faith Marie had a CT scan on Friday. She has a kidney stone in each kidney. Other then that, both kidneys look good & there is no cancer!! It was a year ago when she started chemo. 🙏🏻🟠🙏🏻
  9. Faith Marie had to see a dentist in Pittsburgh last Friday about her teeth. It was just to make sure they were growing in right & no problems from the chemo. Spacing is good, teeth are coming in fine, very clean, no problems!!
  10. Easy solution to that…..quit buying/renting houses near the road!! 😉
  11. Fatal Accident Investigated In Jay Twp. State police investigated a fatal accident on Over The Hill Road in Jay Township. According to police, Wayne Johnson, 64, of Driftwood, was traveling west on Route 555 when he crossed the roadway and struck a utility pole. The vehicle traveled down an embankment and struck several trees. Johnson suffered fatal injuries as a result of the accident.
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