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  1. Checked a couple of places. Chicken prices $2.99 to $4.99 pound unless its a store sale.
  2. Talked to a friend on the Outer Banks, NC. He went out with some friends to some of their favorite chicken wing joints. The managers said soon they wont be having chicken wings because the prices are going to skyrocket and late Summer could be a chicken shortage on the market. (Unless you have your own chickens)
  3. Thank goodness havent plant the garden yet
  4. jaman

    jobs report

    Lets see the Numbers. Only 226,000 became employed. 4.2 million have been on unemployment more than 26 weeks. 7.4 million jobs are available. 86% of them offer above the federal minimum wage . Most around $11 hr and above. What are these people going to do when unemployment eventually runs out. Demand a job?
  5. jaman

    jobs report

    $32,000 to stay home.
  6. Worst worker participation rate in many years when there are open jobs. Gee Whiz, wonder why?
  7. $6.4 million for Indira Gandhi Museum. $ 600,000 for some sort of CRANBERRY Research. And of course in a "pork" bill, $400,000 for Pork(meat) research. Read the BILL. Of course more for unemployment. HIgh speed train from Silicon valley. Where's all the roads and bridges?
  8. Good Post. But it still doesnt stop it from happening. Just remember. Its happening under Biden & friends.
  9. A good friend got an annulment. The priest suggested a nice "offering".
  10. Just think. trump aint president either.. if there wasnt a trump, CNN would be out of business. They are still at it.
  11. THANK YOU MR D. Another prediction that I said a year ago about a liberal government. And I got ripped here. ( The Liberal Go Dubois trinity has gone silent) INFLATION. Wait till the early fall.
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