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  1. This is the revenge of the Liberal Rich Soccermoms. Just look at where the deciding votes were in PA. In New York. In Atlanta plus some Blacks. Its even now infected North Carolina around Raleigh "The Golden Triangle". Influx of Liberal Soccermoms. As long as their Hubbies can give them their McMansions. Mercedes, Manicures, and dont have to work and go to the salon or spa everyday. They move there and infect people.
  2. Harmeet is a take no prisoners person. Love it. Dont forget, Ronna is a Romney.
  3. Biden is doing all he can to cover for Hunter. Soit made sense griner for the Master of Death. Not a US Veteran.
  4. Absolutely. I want to hear from the National leadership of the VFW and American Legion. A LGBT Woker not a veteran. They'll throw a big parade for her. And they will give her a medal of Honor.
  5. God doesnt influence politics. he just exposed himself as the Snake Oil Minister he is.
  6. We have no fair Justice system anymore in this country.
  7. If it wasnt for Pres Lincoln and republicans African Americans would still be in slavery. But Atlanta has never learned from past history. Now they will probably vote for Warnock. Who is the black equal to Jim Bakker. Atlanta has become the Liberal New York(or Los Angeles) of the South. Just look at the city and Fulton county.
  8. That is why China will not have to fire one bullet in taking over the US
  9. Ill mention one big Movie name in Atlanta. TYLER PERRY has a huge movie studio. You are right. They have bought off the minority suburbs of Atlanta. AND RAPPERS
  10. So they are going to vote for stupid. This validates my comment. Since you didnt do for me, Im not voting for you. No surprise. Then dont complain about the economy.
  11. They did it before . The Atlanta Suburbs have one of the most affluent black communities in the country. Warnock is for sale. He's always been a minister who was a snake oil salesman. He's the black Jim Bakker. And what's funny they really dont care about their own crime ridden and poor only if they can benefit in elections . So dont be surprised. I have a family member who lived there for a few years. There's even a split in the Black community. And remember, this is the South and what Atlanta stood for. They wanted to conquer Atlanta and are being very successful.
  12. I'll be waiting when Musk drops a dime on the Names at the DOJ and FBI.
  13. They still will look like fools once Musk gets done with his plan. But one piece of info he will hold back. The names of the FBI Leaders involved. That is his bargaining chip if they attack him. He will then unload everything. Chris Wray needs to be gone yesterday. Im still waiting for Jake Tapper to get the hook.
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