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  1. Ive seen them in other local towns. I agree with you even though Im not a big fan of his. But last Summer in suburbs and cities their were many signs of this type on their streets not targeting Biden. This is what America has turned into.
  2. Update. Did Station 3 get their Engine fixed from that past accident ?
  3. This crime is becoming a regular happening across the country. That's one reason why I choose to caregive my own family.
  4. My neighbors peppers are taking off too.
  5. My eggplant. Disaster. My Beefsteak and Roma tomatoes just starting. Cucumbers just starting. Strawberry plant. trying to salvage it. Next year im going to do a raised garden. Not a potted garden.
  6. Watoos is OK outside of politics and his indulgment of all Conspiracy theories.
  7. jaman

    CDC: Masks

    Then paste about 6 inches of cotton on the bottom of a red mask and you can use it as your Santa mask.
  8. jaman

    CDC: Masks

    Masks are back. Right in time for the start of school. As predicted. Everybody will be back wearing by Thanksgiving. (Hopefully wrong on that one.)
  9. When you have vacuum sealed and not the everyday Ziplock bags, it's a dead giveaway.
  10. Dont worry . Biden is providing them through the Southern Border.
  11. Great Post. remember who Obama supported for President and they got 1% in their primary. Kamala Harris. And look who is now VP. The Current White House is in Martha's Vineyard with the rich and famous.
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