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  1. Welcome to the new we have to be "Politically Correct" World.
  2. No problem with the merging. I agree on that. But the names should just stay. They have identity. No Western, Northern, Southern...... No originality. Its a copy of the Penn State Campus system.
  3. He closes pipelines in the US an now he wants to drain the fuel reserves.
  4. Unbelievable. These people are striking.
  5. Thank you. Been saying that for years. When she is gone "Ding Dong The witch is DEAD!"
  6. The guy is lucky he didnt get shot. I wonder what the response time was.
  7. It was a Big Pharma roast to make big money without curing the problem. I said that at the beginning and continue too. And people like Fauci and politicians are getting kickbacks. It wouldnt surprise me the Wuhan Lab scientists are getting kicikbacks.
  8. A friend just called me 1/2 hour ago. Her neighbor. Got tested. Got Covid 2. Had the vaccines. The PCP said he had over 50 cases in the last 2 weeks.
  9. Somebody has had enough of facebook and Zuckerberg. He is now getting his own medicine. Like I have said before. All these social media could be shutdown in a blink of the eye.
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