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  1. And many of them don't all report those tips--so they don't have to pay taxes on them. Then they qualify for "bennies" that those of us that can't hide income pay for.
  2. If a Jeep and a Hummer had an ugly baby, it would look like the new Bronco.
  3. Philadelphia Inquirer: Pa.’s largest pension plan admits making an ‘error’ that may have benefited teachers at taxpayers’ expense March 12 Joseph N. DiStefano The board of Pennsylvania’s giant public-school pension fund on Friday voted to hire an outside law firm to investigate an error in a December financial decision that may have cost taxpayers at least $25 million in fund payments — while wrongly sparing 100,000 school employees from paying more for their pensions. The unanimous vote followed a 3 1/3-hour closed-door meeting of the 14-member PSERS board as it explored
  4. a few bars at a time? Every time they went down the road, just looking like they were passing through. I do have to agree with you though--I don't think it's anywhere near the large amount that was believed to be there. I could buy the story of a small stash, but not the tonnage I've seen guesstimated. I hope the Parada's get their answers, but I don't think the FBI will ever disclose what was really there.
  5. Did they find Jimmy Hoffa in this dig?
  6. Am I the only one that finds the irony in the business name, "FInders Keepers" in this particular situation?
  7. Brown looks either sorry for what he did (or sorry for getting caught?) in his mug shot at least.
  8. My employer mailed me three separate documents (I didn't request them) for me to be able to prove I had health care all year, but people don't need ID to vote because it's "racist." A dem friend of mine told me her mom couldn't get her vaccine until she had time to renew her DL that had expired~~I said, with a grin on my face, "Oh, you need ID to get a vaccine?......" Her response was " Well, yes. You can't have someone else claiming her vaccine...........<long pause> Ok, smart @$$, I see what you just did."
  9. I would have to think that would be where venison could be deadly to a motorist. *I also tend to feel badly for the animal--maybe more so than I do for the people.
  10. I know how much damage a deer does to a car--I can't imagine how much damage an elk would do.
  11. I'm sorry, but I legitimately laughed out loud to myself as I recall my grandfather referring to teenaged young men as "young, dumb and full of..... " Ummm. I don't think I can post that here, but it rhymes with dumb. *No offense intended to the male members of the group.
  12. Somewhere they have gotten the idea they are royalty and we are all peasants.
  13. My mother uses the kid seatbelt to strap her purse in, through the handles. It may not be foolproof, but I would guess it may at least slow someone down--or make them find another target.
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