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  1. You can get the really cheap chicken breasts at Walmart or Martins. If you want organic, then that's where you will pay more. I buy the big packages of boneless breasts because that's the only chicken that we eat, trim it of all fat and freeze it in meal sized packages. We bought a second freezer when we harvested the turkeys, and now try to keep an inventory of what is in it so we can easily find it again. We need to improve it as we go. Turkeys are so easy to raise, and they're so much fun that you'll hate to have them harvested. We found that we had a hard time eating them although th
  2. Most electric is now created with gas. The older coal burning plants are being phased out. Why do you think Biden wants everything to go to electric? Then they can tax it to death and we will have no recourse unless you know how to make your own biofuel. They are working on bankrupting the country anyway.
  3. A lot of this is hype. Just don't stock pile, don't waste and the prices won't go up nor will there be shortages. Commercial entities know how to start a frenzy that will only benefit their market. Chickens can be raised for slaughter in just 6 weeks for broilers and 8-10 for roasters. Just the male chicks that they grind up live at hatching would make this a joke.
  4. The story line was that she was being protected by other humans, maybe slightly different from her "perfect" self, from a killer, and she was finally returned to her own culture by another kind person who also fell in love with her. WHOOP, big deal. These people need to get a life and a soul.
  5. Satan is taking the sweetest of FAIRYTALES and turning them into filth. The object is to elevate the immoral and destroy all good by making it look wrong. That's his goal. Keep your eyes open, there's much more to come.
  6. Petee

    jobs report

    I'm seeing new faces every where. I think it's the beginning of repairing the damage.
  7. He's a politician, not a business man. Something else he knows nothing about.
  8. None of us know how close we are to the edge of anything. How do you know that tomorrow, or at any time in your existence, you may not look back and see that what happened today was in the process yesterday, and we had no idea. Don't throw away tomorrow.
  9. You are correct that we humans are supposed to help ourselves and not wait for God to make things go our way. That works as long as you have patience to wait . on the Lord to deal out the rewards and punishments. Sometimes it's hard to know whether we're the cat or whether we're the mouse, but God knows and He has the memories. That's why faith and patience are His virtues. Imagine yourself as God, perfect, ALL KNOWING, slow to wrath but just, trusting His children to let Him roll things out at the proper time in sync with everything else in the world. THAT would take some seriou
  10. Sadly, not as many people who read the original lies and slander will catch the retractions. I hope God blesses those who are fighting for our freedoms in so many ways that they can't be counted because they will never get their just rewards from humans.
  11. Even skilled workers will be competitive because if $15 were the minimum, they could easily move on to a less stressful job. Their employers (basically insurance companies) would have to ante up or lose their best skilled workers. I'm sure it would all even up in the end. Government needs to involve itself in getting people education and skills, not mandate what they earn. Let the common market and their skills speak to their paycheck. Getting more money for doing only a fair job isn't what will work over the long run.
  12. He said today that the letter was from the Department or Labor and Industry.
  13. My suggestion to everyone who is just starting to garden, start small! No larger than 10 x 10, and plan on developing a daily habit of walking around it, morning and evening. Get to know what a healthy plant glooks like, and also to notice if something looks different. Don't garden like your grandfather did. That was an entirely different world and required very intensive skills handed down from forefathers for a different climate and pH. Heirlooms should be saved, but today's Hybrids (not GMO) can be the difference in whether you get a big healthy harvest or spend the days spraying
  14. Sorry, I lost the original posted link! Enjoy,
  15. This is a method that I have been teaching for years although never in this magnitude. I advocate starting small and adding rows as your gardening skills begin to grow also. https://extension.psu.edu/county-offices There are many ways to make gardening easier and more productive without the use of machinery, chemicals, horses, cows, plows, and a dozen kids to help weed and water. If you would like to grow a great garden this year, either for the first time, or as the first in a LONG time, give your Penn State Extension Master Gardeners a call for answers to the growing food p
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