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  1. There is so much evidence of what really happened yet people will ignore it and run out for the next shot as soon as it is offered.
  2. The trees were so badly damaged by poor trimming practices and street paving that they were becoming a serious hazard as is the tree that fell on the house on the B Line. The tree next to it on the right is leaning a bit more every day and may soon end up out in the road. Hopefully no one is driving by at that time. When those trees were being trimmed some years ago, because of my training, I knew they would be deteriorating. It was poor arboriculture at its worst, but the object wasn't to help preserve the trees, it was to trim them out of the way at any cost to the tree itself. It's sad to see that it has actually happened. I am an adamant supporter of healthy growing trees in all communities because of the quality of life and financial value they add to the community. They keep down the heat level of any area and save money in both heating and cooling costs near houses. Of course they have a lifetime and when they begin to age badly, consideration needs to be made about removal and replacement every time it is possible. Many cities have taken up the Tree City America program which was offered to DuBois as well with all of the available grants but there was no interest in anything but establishing an ordinance so they could claim they have one. It is worthless.
  3. Not sure because I didn't hear it right from the direct source.
  4. Let's see if I remember what I was told the other day. Allegheny Contracting Catalano Pipe I have no idea if this is correct.
  5. Change is always a necessity but it has to be controlled very carefully.
  6. Yep, we can always use more of that nonsense in our country, but how about in our county?
  7. I always loved his whole story! This gave me chills.
  8. No, this is what they've done from the beginning, misquoting and outright lies propagated by the Liberal press and believed by those who choose to be spoon fed erroneous news on TV.
  9. Yes, this needs corrected before the job is done and paid for.
  10. Please amend that to "their" position.
  11. I agree completely on several points. When it isn't being kept whole. then it's a failing system of justice.
  12. Yes, that may well be it. I pointed it out to my husband and then he saw it but I think most people just look at it and think....neat, pretty. The soundness or the basic structure isn't in their mind.
  13. Nope, it mimics nothing but an error in laying the wall.
  14. Remember, we were told a big surprise in November which happened, and a big change in May, both positive.
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