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  1. I think it depends on which Food Pantry you want to drop it off at. Some do, and some don't.
  2. She's beautiful, and hopefully she'll outgrow the puppy monster stage soon.
  3. By the way, were Jesus here today and worshipping or studying in a group, the group would be called Messianic Jews! They are all over the world.
  4. Boy did you say a mouthful! I personally agree more with Messianic Judaism that the modern Christian church. I wish there was a group close where I could study from and find friends.
  5. They are absolutely beautiful!!!! I hope they manage to get home soon without harm.
  6. Would wait staff prefer to work for minimum wage or higher and not get tips? The abusive customers would still be there.,
  7. Anyone want a fun job? Get over there and ask for a job! Help keep the place open.
  8. I agree about things getting worse over the decades, but not appreciably over the past year. I think we just have noticed it more because of all the stressors we have gone through, and this government isn't helping!
  9. If they need help, then they need to put an ad in the window!
  10. Petee

    burger king

    Cranky people are ruining life for everyone!
  11. I've been quizzing the wait staff when we go out and explaining why I am asking questions. 1. They all say that it started long before COVID. 2. Locals are the rudest people and they come back! 3. Travelers are the most polite and leave better tips. 4. Tips are about the same as they have always been. Note: Employers are required to make up the difference between what the wait staff would make on minimum wage and what they make in tips. If they're short then the employer pays the difference so a waiter always makes at least minimum wage. If they make more, then t
  12. I hate Facebook and try to never go there. It's never a 5-10 minute break, it tries to suck you in for the duration! NO! I have a LOT of work to do.
  13. I would imagine delivery drivers because when we are there, they always seem to have enough people in the prep area. Go apply, or better yet, buy the place and continue the tradition.
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