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  1. Dan KOLHEPP not involved ? as he is eldest son ??
  2. Tan `n Brown `n Amber ( named SNAKEHEADS just now ) skins speaking language of BABEL !!! Diif continents , same organised intents . tis likened 2 South Africa currently underway.
  3. The distractions have been moved into place , ; korea , taiwan , ukaine, china, money , fires ; like chess men , thus shortly the above mentioned will be cast and turmoil will ensue ( long or quick term is anyone`s guesstimate ) ..
  4. maybe the bean counters have become " jumping beans fer good reasons " ......tyme will tell..... SOON.
  5. Land , assets and pension should be seized to balance any monetary shortfalls as a result of this " SITUATION " you awl find yerselves encassed in.
  6. OHHH , was it she who advised the 2 council members to dispose of City files in a dumpster more than 1 mile from City Hall ???........behind the old shakespeares Salvege yard ?? ( they was seen and files recovered the rumor goes ) who worked nearby there ?
  7. It`s time to look at some new faces , replace the old decrepit ones on the council seats . Start with her , go to next that resigns , and so on . Let DuBois be great again.
  8. Duboisers should fight for money returned to them ALSO.
  9. and so the butts seated at city council wanted so badley to keep paying them , to provide benefits and pensions So how many of these gifters will appear on the list or had accounts that the supposed accused kept in secret ?
  10. I thinx something foul going to happen , speculating a court move then 2 plea agreements......anyone smell it??
  11. SPECULATION is : don`t tie them both together !!.... Speculation was the death sentence for consolidation , in that Dubois speculated they would reap benefits and $$$ from Sandy
  12. boxes had the monies from the gambling parlors they owned all over DB City ya mean ??
  13. It`s when the FBI came to town , " they got it all and now , know everything ".......sez a famous ex-pres.
  14. Even more Attorney feas going to the city`s defense for these two ; whom they associated with the one and only manager who supposedly was embellezing funds while on the clock ( for many years ) and are these feas collected by the city`s own attorney ??? ........ it all smells ...... if true !!
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