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  1. Toughest job in America now is to be the person doing sign language when Biden is speaking. It's almost like he has Ozzy Osborne speaking in his behalf.
  2. I agree. The police will say they are "investigating" but no mention of the person being arrested. Have never figured out the reason that they release info like this without a persons name. They responded and confronted the person so does this mean the person had a reason for doing what he was doing? Makes no sense. At least to me.
  3. What a job that must be. Nothing ever newsworthy ever happens on the weekends.
  4. Sure did take a while before they were notified he had escaped.
  5. There may also be the guy that builds cabinets at the old Falls Creek Firehall. Mike Powers, Does a really nice craftmanship.
  6. If you put it out someone will drive by and pick it up. I live in DuBois and people are always just driving by on my garbage night (which is tonight) and seeing what may be being thrown out.
  7. That's apparent. Use your name if you want to blast someone. Don't be a "guest'. Speak up.
  8. More than this deadbeat doing what he did what is even sickening is the above statement. Why in the world do the magistrates allow this to happen. Too much crowding at the jails? Connected to someone in the judicial system? I know the answer to solving these type of problems.
  9. I just now saw this and was going to let you know. Sorry for my earlier post with the incorrect date.
  10. I'm pretty sure i saw that it was to be the last week in April for DuBois.
  11. Well. With the way the current DA enforces the laws these deadbeats will plea bargain for a low type bail and then just get probation.
  12. BillyC

    Pay Up

    They should pay the American people instead to listen to them. Which i try not to listen to them ever.
  13. Not sure of this. However i believe that we in PA. pay the highest amount of gas tax in the country. It supposed to help keep our roads really nice to drive on. What a joke that is.
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