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  1. Longtime Trump supporter. Just a damn good thing he wasn't brought to Penn Highlands for treatment.
  2. Am i understanding that Raymond Krise is the owner?
  3. You can just go in. May have a wait as it depends on how many are working there.
  4. Sheetz on the B Line. It's the pumps that are the closet to the medical building. I get gas for my mower there and i believe it's the one with the red nozzle.
  5. 6 hours for now until the debate and he's being spoon fed by his wife and his advisors on how and what to say.
  6. Read that in the deeds in the paper. Thanks for posting that. Trying to find out the buyer. Contact Von Berger sign for lease up in the property close by the tracks. Don't know if the 2.14 M is for all the property or just where the block plant was.
  7. Really doing a lot of clean up for a staging area.
  8. Well. Since i retired i don't have the connections anymore. However. I did hear that Hugill Sanitation from the Mahaffey area is who bought the land.
  9. Wondered the same thing. Coming from the light from CVS on the L it's all leveled off.
  10. The most recent council only did what the low life former manager and the disgraced former solicitor told them to do. And then the mistress Shaffer just went along with it.
  11. People don't want to (nor should they) want to give money when there are so many issues going on. It is a damn shame.
  12. BillyC


    What is actually still inside that would need to be refurbished for 2.2 Million? They did a lot of the outside improvements to have the PIAA select them as a go to place. I realize costs have increased but let us know what needs to be done now.
  13. Well. Not sure. But i'll do some checking. I do know that one of the current council worked behind the old Shakespeare's area. If they were seen does the person that saw them have any proof? Video or pictures?
  14. Via e mail. Is what i heard and it was sent at 11:59 PM. That's the way snakes usually do it. And even though she has bowed out she may still have a couple of the council members afraid of her. For example. When Augenbaugh made mention of the new solicitor having to have an office in the city it was probably her telling him to ask the question.
  15. Well. At 11:30 last night the degenerate rip off solicitor resigned. She sure did take the city for a lot of money over the years.
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