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  1. Heard the DuBois fire whistles go off twice at around 3:30 this morning and just saw on the news that the church is on fire. Wondering if DuBois was called for mutual aid.
  2. Or as an old joke goes. I just noticed my neighbor got busted for growing pot. I guess i didn't know where my property line was at after all.
  3. I think this post has had more discussions on GoDubois than it would of had on the facepeople site.
  4. The problem is the jails have no room. They need to start using the portable storage containers.
  5. He wasn't listed in the original indictment however. So they're still probably looking for more people.
  6. Really, the customer is paying you to solve issues. In most cases, the customer is complaining because you did not deliver the required services. Not really sure if i agree with this statement. A lot of times the person taking care of you may not be able to gp " further up the chain".
  7. Just saw that she will not be able to open as an employee has Covid and has to be quarantined
  8. Well. Someone could read it to him but he wouldn't be able to understand it.
  9. I was going to reply to the "pyschotic episisde'" but no matter what i feel like saying i'll get blasted.
  10. No. Just the front addition part has been removed.
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