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  1. I was going to reply to the "pyschotic episisde'" but no matter what i feel like saying i'll get blasted.
  2. No. Just the front addition part has been removed.
  3. Heard a RUMOR {note i said a rumor) that they are being bought out by Spitzers. Have heard this for 2 days now.
  4. Now i did hear today that Hallstroms is going to be hired to take care of all repairs. If that turns out to be correct then that should be a hefty monetary repair.
  5. That is true. However there are other issues that may need to be addressed once a permit would be issued for repairs. If an inspector goes in and looks around.
  6. You have probably not been in there for a while. I would find it hard to believe that there would be any structural engineer that would rule that building to be structurally sound.
  7. Will never be able to figure out these deadbeats reasons for saying they're not guilty before pleading guilty.
  8. What in the world is a reply like this?
  9. BillyC

    PSP Calls

    Probably JFJ disciples
  10. not real sure i understand that statement
  11. Doc Rice has had nothing but problems and issues with Sandy Twp for many years now. He could of quit fighting them knuckleheads a long time ago but give him credit for being a patient person. He's had very little issues with the city on redoing the buildings downtown.
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