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  1. In all fairness just wondering why they didn't just get a colored block to begin with. No maintenance that way.
  2. Cottage Hill was at the corner of E Weber and S Church. But i'm thinking you are meaning the W Weber area.
  3. Only one i remember was Gene's
  4. Sorry. Born in 55. Where were the first 3 located? Remembering it sure seemed like a long way from upper E Weber Ave. to get over to "that" side of town. Not making fun of that but we just never got over that way much. A different simpler way of living. We all had our local neighborhood stores.
  5. The person that attacked him was drinking with Paul the night he got pulled over and was only wondering why Nancy didn't want to go out and slam some drinks down with him as well.
  6. Plain and simple. Anyone that thinks that Fetterman can do the job . that HE and possibly his made up doctor thinks he is capable of doing . are delusional. He is nothing but a nutcase. Anyone across the country that watched that debacle on Tuesday night has got to be wondering . "is this the best that PA. has to offer". Oz wasn't a whole lot better with his smirking and his countless jabs but he knows how to answer the questions. Even if Fetterman didn't have a problem he still can't be understood. Unfortunately the nutcase is probably going to win and our state will be going further backwards.
  7. BillyC

    Hey Fed

    I mentioned a couple of weeks ago to a friend that was up here from Florida and he told me his local group would rather him stay as governor because he does a great job.
  8. You stuck around? Not really sure where everyone goes during an evacuation. Be safe.
  9. I'll reply. Defense did look ok. Offense with Trubisky is going to make for a long season. Still don't like Tomlin ; nor will i ever; think he is a good head coach. Boswells first FG try in OT for 56 yds was really reaching for it. Have to think however that the Bungles were just way overconfident. Not that i think they are a SB contending team to begin with.
  10. Well. Once again we sure do seem to get off of the main topic. However i'll add my 2 cents in now. Had to go to the mall today (very rare occasion) and if anyone thinks drivers around here can navigate a roundabout just sit and watch them driving through the mall parking lot. Surprised there isn't more accidents there but then again there's not much traffic at the mall either.
  11. I believe that sign has been there for a while now. According to the SF of the building it's probably close to 6 or 7 thousand a month to rent it.
  12. Isn't there a site you can look at (which is free) to see what charges have been filed against someone? It may of been in the state of Ohio however i remember looking in the past at a site that offered this info.
  13. Play Texas again tonight at 7.
  14. Will be playing Tennessee. At this stage of the tournament you had better have good pitching.
  15. Just noticed they will play at 11 AM on ESPN
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