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  1. So a little research says you should try a different port for the mouse or replace the mouse. Several said replacing the mouse solved the problem
  2. Nope ..... But mine whistles from time to time! lol Seriously .... I've never seen or heard of such a thing. The tones can't be coming from the mouse itself, so I'd at least turn down the sound to start. Keep us posted!
  3. The man has gone truly crazy. So not a single penny in taxes to be paid if you make under 400,000! He's lying ........ Anyone want to make that bet?
  4. He must of been a tough nut to crack. I t sounds like multiple detectives knew he was responsible ever since he was 12 and they couldn't break him. They break hardened criminals with their tactics all the time otherwise. This kid knew how to work them. Interesting that he will serve time now, as I'm sure he wouldn't have then.
  5. He doesn't even know where he is over half the time! I'm ashamed of our President and even more embarrassed of what we've become since January. There are 2nd graders that could have presented a better press conference than that tired old decrepit puppet.
  6. So he pulled over the operator and called the police to come. What did he think would happen next?
  7. Absolutely agree. Official or not, I would never willingly enter my full social security number into a site with that disclaimer.
  8. Man I wish every one of his actual voters would watch that video. Creepy for sure. I wouldn't let him be alone, or even be in the room with my child ever.
  9. Interesting ... None posted online for last few days.
  10. Shop local folks .... Courier hasn't posted an obit since 3 days ago. No Covid ravaging these parts ...
  11. That makes for more germy door handles. GASP ! "Danger Will Robinson" !!!
  12. I believe Cameron in Reynoldsville retooled for WWII. I've heard it was secretive what they were making at the time.
  13. Maybe this better explains usage ... https://www.businessinsider.com/how-many-people-can-watch-hulu-at-once
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