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  1. Dear Lord .... A 5th shot? To each their own ....
  2. I don't believe you. There are non-Catholic employees at Christ the King Manor.
  3. I like it better than the New Jersey trooper look ..... https://images.app.goo.gl/iCLrRTaPFvxaHHx77
  4. I doubt it. Companies routinely expand without revealing who they are until the plan is fully in place. It's to keep an edge in a competitive market. Who they are would have been revealed with plenty of time for the community to screw it up.
  5. Where at specifically? Post a picture someone!
  6. Courier story says AG office and PSP involved. Others claim FBI. Guess it's just hard to believe what a dead thread we have here given the circumstances.
  7. Wow .... 8 hours later and not a single post yet added?
  8. Titan


    That makes a lot of sense .... but I find it strange that his handlers don't regularly send out people to keep him occupied to avoid this exact scenario. Since they are not, there's no other way to perceive this other than he's being hung out to dry.
  9. Is this also part of the never ending "Remove any and all big tree program" that continues around the city?
  10. Looks pricey to me. 499.00 on up to 2500.00 one time hardware fee. Then 99.00 to 500.00 a month! If you're desperate for service I could understand.
  11. Lazy reporting. Why would they not report the size of the sinkhole? Is this an oversize pothole or the size of a swimming pool? Is it as big as a house? Is it growing? If they can't find out then report that officials aren't talking. Strange ...
  12. You don't see it? They're just like the administration officials touting their daily talking points. It all news channels. They all do it. They're not really independent of each other except for when they opine the story for whatever side they represent. It's all a charade.
  13. Truth in the media? Seriously? They create their own narrative every single day!
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