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  1. Pitnup ..... Not following you there. I take it to mean a sign that reads "DuBois" ??? Anyone got a pic of this?
  2. How does this get "updated" at 5:31 pm on January 30th to indicate that she passes away on January 31? That being said ..... It's really sad to see this generation leave us. They brought us great entertainment during a great time to be alive. This generation will never have that same shared experience with each other.
  3. Saving electricity is not the correct answer. Producing more of it is what is needed. Reducing capacity by switching to wind and solar will end us all. I have no quarrel with producing "green energy". It needs to be created alongside and as an additional source to the traditional sources of electricity in order to ensure the ability to always create energy in times of crisis or additional need. Let the marketplace rule folks .... not legislation designed by those that think they know better or are trying to line their pockets or preserve their power.
  4. LOL ..... Another study? Imagine that. Did they even once ask the birds for their opinions? Maybe we need a new study to determine precisely where best to place "Bird Detour" signage in the skies over Chicago. You can bet a politicians brother or "best friend" would conduct the study and own the signage company who won the bid. Good grief ...
  5. No .... The "study" is the waste of money. Maybe the extra light has saved many lives over the years. This topic is a crock and doesn't earn the need for expensive study. Increases diabetes? Seriously? This screams of the classic: "We must raise a direct public warning in order to secure more government funding for additional study so I don't have to really work". Just follow the money. There are real problems out there folks. The DuBois Christmas lights are not one of them.
  6. So wear a mask at night. Waste of money. Pure and simple.
  7. The deal is unbalanced being a "one for one" trade. Why wasn't it a "ten or more for one" trade? We're talking about the release of a dangerous arms dealer here. Biden is so desperate for anything to get any of his own off his back right now that he'll accept a lop-sided deal.
  8. You can't blame the captions as he was unable to form clear sentence structure with whatever he was trying to say. He was stumbling and as was said earlier it really was painful to watch.
  9. Interesting ... I didn't catch that. Hard to believe that Explore JeffersonPA.com would have that kind of heavy insight. I'm betting simple error. Thanks for explaining!
  10. I certainly do hope she is and/or will be okay. Why in the world did you title your subject as you did? Are you worried that many others will suffer this same fate??? I simply have to ask ...
  11. Been eating there regularly since before and after the reopen and all tastes really good every time. I just can't say no to a Chinese buffet.
  12. I don't understand why the level between the lower and upper retaining wall has so much grass. It will need to mowed regularly and looks to be a dangerous task if not done by a responsible person.
  13. So you're referring to METV? You had written MTV which is what was once a music television station. These are two very different channels. I am certain channel 6 doesn't own MTV. I think I'm starting to understand you now. You're saying that you're hearing that METV might be leaving the channel list on Comcast because channel six may end broadcasting it right? Channel 6 doesn't own ME TV. They broadcast it. I had no idea that Comcast even carried METV as I only use them for internet. Their cable rates became so ridiculous I cancelled them about 15 years ago. Way overcharging for service.
  14. ??? A lot of people on here love MTV? Really? Are you saying that channel 6 is getting rid of MTV? How does channel 6 decide to replace MTV on Comcast? That doesn't make any sense to me ... FE channel 1000 is close to what? I'm truly not following what you're saying ....
  15. Where are you seeing that we lost Dick Van Dyke?
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