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  1. Well enjoy the art! I enjoy art too. I just don't fawn all over them as if they're all that matters. The industry is what is appalling.
  2. I think the lack of interest in these awards anymore is great. We have serious issues ending America as we know it. Celebrities getting awards just isn't important.
  3. Tie all the riders together. We're ending all that is fun in this world. Man am I glad we had a chance to get hurt as kids.
  4. Wonderful story! But how did she pay for it after she left?
  5. Threats of coercion or withholding payments. Yeah .... This brings America together. The left is playing dirty and deserves to be labeled dirty. Illegal aliens just walk in and aren't ordered to be jabbed, but hard working Americans are threatened to do as told to their body. Freedom of choice is learly limited to killing growing babies.
  6. Forcing mask use was bad enough, but forcing people to be vaccinated in order to keep their livelihoods is unconstitutional. Who's to say what will be forced on people next when his "patience wears thin" on other issues. This is why Trump will win in 2024 for certain even against the fix they'll attempt. All democrats should be ashamed of themselves and feel pretty dirty.
  7. Both induce fear and mistrust in adults. In an either or situation you're correct. I'm guessing you would understand that child abuse can be achieved by applying multiple methods of fear inducing tactics. But maybe I'm wrong.
  8. So she's 22 now and has been the Treasurer of the fire department since 2015. I get that Strattenville is a small town, but why would they think that a 16 yr old would be mature enough to be a treasurer?
  9. No ..... It took an over- hyped manufactured world health crises that 99.3% of persons survive ---- along with a willing main stream press to report every day that we're all going to die within a year. The swamp reared it's ugly head and reclaimed YOUR independence. We just happen to have enough dumb all around us to let it happen once again. Now we have an incomprehensible president that really should be a resident at a nursing home. Now they're over hyping the "next round of the plan to destroy America. Put on your mask and curl up in a fetal position. I bet i
  10. I understand what you're saying, but why would Sears be okay with you using their cart in their competitors stores? The Mall itself would have to provide them which they can't afford and would drive up liability costs. Furthermore the mall isn't responsible for sales in their leased spaces. Some stores are small and have no room for cart use which would lead to issues with their customers. You have Walmart carts to lean on while shopping. They don't have to share the cart with other stores. That's their business model. I assure you if Walmart were connected to the mall they would p
  11. Exactly .... Then Sears or the others would have to hunt their own carts down. I'm fairly certain few if any people ever actually returned their stolen cart back to the original store. Sears didn't own the mall, so if you walked out into the common areas with their cart you were committing theft.
  12. Oh the mall cart theory once again. I know of no mall that ever supplied or encouraged cart use. It's not the business model. Who would pay for them? Who would gather them up? They'd be all over and all over the parking lots. The mall is broke. Carts would not have saved them.
  13. Ah yes ..... The same locals and leaders that fought tooth and nail to keep Denny Raybuck from reclaiming the then defunct foundry into a cheese plant that couldn't get off the ground at the time due to local leaders fighting over water and sewage! Had he not made that happen despite your faith in "local leaders" no corporation would have had any interest in this area. Thanks to his efforts back then, despite the squabbling, there's 200 great paying jobs in place now along with other local businesses benefiting from its continuing growth.
  14. Awarding? They provide 200 jobs and are still growing! They built a water treatment plant on site that rivals any local municipality treatment plant. You're against progress?
  15. What do you mean exactly?
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