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  1. Ah yes ..... The same locals and leaders that fought tooth and nail to keep Denny Raybuck from reclaiming the then defunct foundry into a cheese plant that couldn't get off the ground at the time due to local leaders fighting over water and sewage! Had he not made that happen despite your faith in "local leaders" no corporation would have had any interest in this area. Thanks to his efforts back then, despite the squabbling, there's 200 great paying jobs in place now along with other local businesses benefiting from its continuing growth.
  2. Awarding? They provide 200 jobs and are still growing! They built a water treatment plant on site that rivals any local municipality treatment plant. You're against progress?
  3. What do you mean exactly?
  4. It's looks and tastes just like Frank's minus the grease. Even the shop with the oven behind the counter is very much the same. I like both very much. It's worth a try.
  5. In bigger cities you have multiple restaurants to choose from. We have only a few since all the others are closed due to staffing issues. Enjoy your meal ... chit chat for several minutes .... then move on unless there's no one at the door. Why argue that simple formula?
  6. By the way .... I never said socialize past closing hours. What I meant was socialize during their last opened hours as long as others aren't waiting for a table. That would be considerate behavior if your mission is to lollygag around at a restaurant an hour past your mealtime end.
  7. Take it easy! My gosh you get so worked up over trivial issues. Can't we just disagee? Here's the deal .... I'm the guy that sees you at the door waiting for a table and says to myself "We're done here and the chit chat was nice, but look ... there's others patiently waiting. We should go now. You're not that guy. We all get it !!!
  8. I disagree to a point. These are different times. If these people want to socialize after the meal then they should arrive near the end of service hours so as to NOT keep others from being served or turned away. It's inconsiderate and arrogant behavior otherwise. We all want things to be as before, but they aren't.
  9. Titan


    Here is one ....
  10. Can't be Covid if you got your government serum injections! You're protected. Joe said so.
  11. So what does that mean? They've been found and the father is charged? Was it a misunderstanding? They alert at least two states worth of people then just say "cancel that'?
  12. And just who are those that want this and have no means? If they have a phone they can call for the visit. This door to door crap is not necessary. You just don't get whats really happening here. It's not what you think.
  13. All that is fine ...... but don't you find it the least bit odd that they want to knock on doors to pitch the idea you've obviously already made a decision to do or NOT do? Where do you draw the line with intrusiveness?
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