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  1. I typed this email to my Aunt in law & wanted to attach it here because I want to help. Please read & I appreciate the input because we as people need to try and do something about trying to save the BEES. Thank you, Char
  2. Women's jeans are on entirely different planet then men's & I hate the stupid front pockets & that the jeans ALWAYS have a spandex % in them!! After you have a pair on for 20min. it's exhausting to always have to pull them up!!!! Even levi's do this!!!!
  3. Forensic Science will catch up with all of these murders,rapists, serial killers! Gotta love it😎
  4. I love Platt Road & the amazing transformation each Spring of an old liter filled road shrinking place. I have walked it's loop many times & it's amazing how the rain & trees & grass replenish the birds & tadpoles & rabbits and nature. There's old train tracks still used to bring items into the shipping businesses hub. There's years gone past of debris from busier train times.
  5. Fine Wine & Spirits is Smart! Only 25 people in store & that include employees. As 1 customer goes out, then 1 can come in. Carts are wiped after each customer that uses one. Customers are directed to the items they want & can not mill around looking for items or be on cell phone calling people. It's: in purchase & out.
  6. I believe there will be one. I also believe this is unfortunate. Why: Are these children really wanted & I bet these same breeders will name their kids Corona or something similar. Just my optimistic beliefs.
  7. There are some in Skyesville near the woods on the L of dollar general
  8. I have been googling this & I cannot find anything.
  9. Dobby


    Unfortunately I will be excluded as what I've name myself " first class, white trash, no cash" people think that treasure lake inhabitants think themselves better than others, well I don't! I know I'm white trash & obviously no cash or I'd of left 12 years ago. It's not my destiny😭
  10. until
    COME TO LAKE VIEW LODGE IN TREASURE LAKE FRIDAY October 25 & Saturday October 26, 2019 from 7:00p.m. to 10:00p.m. for the 3rd Annual Haunted Walk, but this time you will be escorted on the Haunted Walk through the Lake View Lodge. Please dress appropriately & Do Not touch the Creatures, Spirits, Ghosts, Monsters, or Whatever may visit you!
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