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  1. What about FEMA? https://realrawnews.com/2022/10/military-topples-fema-outpost-in-florida/
  2. Still can't wrap my head around the idea that 81 million idiots thought these two were what this country needed. Should have never taken the paddles out of the school. People needed to learn early on in life.......stupid hurts!!!
  3. 'God We Need You Now' Listen to the words.....Very true!
  4. He was running for office. Not sure how he's doing with that but maybe concentrating on that since the used car market is so screwed up currently.
  5. Any one on here know how to get in contact with someone about winter storage?
  6. Yes that would be great, but not holding my breath. Would all involved with the interference be prosecuted? Did they address any of the guilty in the Russia BS? Where is the liberal trinity while all this is happening telling us how good we have it now? Oh so many questions without answers!
  7. Here's 3 just wanted to put them in 1 post.
  8. You can't have one if you want to keep pushing your lies! Not your lies.....the liberals lies.
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