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  1. Sorry you might be out of the loop, Let's go Brandon means F, U Biden. The worthless leader we have for this country, the cause of most of our problems currently.
  2. Let's go Brandon! Sorry I didn't vote for this.I feel the same pain, I hope we can all get through this big mistake!
  3. They sure WILL! Dems tell the poor and middle class, they are working for them.....all the while just driving us deeper in debt! We have to tighten our belts while they get richer on our dumb@$$ backs!
  4. Fly them to California to help unload the ships full of foreign supplies!
  5. LET'S GO BRANDON!!!! Do the Idiots who voted for the worst president ever have any remorse? God we need you now!
  6. What about free college for the illegals they are flooding the country with? The gas tax won't be collected once they force us into electric vehicles. If we don't follow along then we will pay the price by them double dipping! Gas tax plus mileage tax.
  7. Yes but the vaccine is totally safe!!! 🤔
  8. Using a cross walk doesn't keep you safe. Too many distracted drivers.
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