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  1. I think if you look up sunny 106.5's page on the web there is a link to vote on it.
  2. Who ever is working on it did that the other day with equipment, had a long Bar on the end and they were knocking the bricks off a few at a time.
  3. Pretty sure the gates will stay at the compound, but I'm sure some are getting tired of some of the new rules keeping their own residents out of the amenities.
  4. The Old Red Roof Pizza Hut is sooo much better than The Wing Street or Combo Pizza Hut's, they ruined their pizza just like Domino's. The pizza Domino's made back in the 80's was 10X better than the stuff they make today.
  5. I'll second Serv-Pro they've done two cleaning jobs for me and was very satisfied!
  6. T That's fine if you understand local people take care of loyal customers first. If you travel to save money be prepared to travel for service, just saying.
  7. A lot of people buy things somewhere else then cry foul when a local business doesn't jump all over repairing their purchase. I'm not just talking about cars. People buy cheaper appliances from big box stores and don't understand why some of the local stores don't run right out and fix their stuff. The locals have their loyal customers to attend to first!
  8. I don't have a problem with someone not liking something.....that leaves more for me!
  9. Check their website https://dubois.psu.edu/ I think story is on there.
  10. There is another post on here Partial Building Collapse. The East Side/Old Red and Gold Bar.
  11. While waiting for the light this morning there was still bricks falling off that side. Use your own judgment.
  12. He had offered coupons, I heard someone went in to use them and he had a falling out with them. Big posting on Facebook about the way he treated these people and that was the beginning of the end for him. Didn't stick around long after that. Heard he couldn't keep a brew master either, guess he went through 3 or more in the short time he was open.
  13. There was Doc G's but he ran himself out of town a while ago. Not sure what Super Sub and Six Pack has but that would be your only other option as far as I know.
  14. They couldn't pull the event center together a few years back, I wouldn't hold my breath on a casino!
  15. Will the city have to absorb the townships debt? Will the city be responsible for the lost tax income from the ghost town formerly know as The Dubois Mall? What about all the infiltration into the sewage lines and on and on. I guess we may all have something to lose or gain. Will the city lose their fire insurance discount because of increased response time? You make things sound like the township residents are the only ones that would be on the losing end. What could we gain by working together and sharing resources? We don't necessarily delete jobs but we could better manage what we have by
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