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  1. Would this seriously happened if he was a Democrat? Seriously?
  2. Trying to play race card, what a democratic thing to do. And yes a dress that actually fit would have been nice.
  3. Sorry I missed that! NOT!!! What a waste.
  4. D. Sour Grapes because you weren't invited? We really have bigger fish to fry. Let's see what the new crew is made of before pre-judging them. A few people drank a few beers during Community Days, OMG! If they were out of hand I'm sure the police would have been called and taken care of anything not kosher.
  5. Do they wave it for The 4th of July in Brockway?
  6. Thanks, I did some asking around at work after your post and got this.
  7. Does anyone know of anyone processing deer, close to DuBois area this year. If so maybe some contact information. Thanks.
  8. A new broom sweeps clean! Time to clean house! Let's get rid of these criminals one at a time.
  9. Sad but true, they're destroying us! Vote them all out. From the top down. House and Senate is just as bad as this idiot. The stupid just keep voting Democrat for the handouts they promise.
  10. Obama worked at destroying America for 8 years. Biden is pretty close after just 3. Never underestimate the power of an idiot!
  11. We need to replace these @$$HOLE pollys from the top down! Wake up America! If we don't get our heads out of our @$$es soon we will be in the same shape as Isreal! This is a big wake up call, the blind sheep really need to take a good hard look at what is going on around them.
  12. Maybe it would be better to ban stupidity in office! That might help. Let's give someone who can handle the job / jobs she has now with more. Where is our trinity, why aren't they here defending this idiot they told us was going to save a once Great Nation. A few more years of the Dumocratic mentality in power and the illegals will be flooding back to where they came from! I hope America is smart enough to rid these morons of their power. If not they succeeded in flooding us with more stupid than intelligent and may have finally destroyed us. It's really looking like their dumbing down of America is working. Wake up before it's too late.
  13. Social Security.....if it's good enough for us it's good enough for them. If they were stuck with it maybe they'd quit stealing from it and actually not have a shortage!
  14. That's a good start. Term limits, end that sweet retirement plan, get them back to the job they signed up for.
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