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    Same as other employers, lack of employees. We were there yesterday, same good food and service as always.
  2. The problem begins with Pentax Run and gets worse when it runs into the Sandy Lick. From my past contact there appears to be issues between state agencies.
  3. That’s a small, independent church, very well meaning. I doubt any understand the insinuations in this thread.
  4. Current adjusted pushing 10%
  5. That is who he is and has been that way for decades. His type feeds the behavior he condemns. Were you in Gettysburg this past weekend? We were.
  6. He’s always jousting at windmills. What he wrote is not what DuBois is.
  7. I do not post here very often, but I do check in. What was very telling in the Politco article, was the lawyer's characterization of the divide "as war". This was not something started by Trump, but he did pull the bandage off, so to speak, causing many to open their eyes to the direction of this country. We are not at war among ourselves, and it is wrong for a Democratic county party leader to say that.
  8. I am not a fan of Biden's personality and abhor his politics, but We should never degrade ourselves to making fun of anyone's physical impediments.
  9. Any plans to bury power/cable/telephone lines and remove poles?
  10. Time travel back 40 years and go to "The Arena".
  11. Politics in this country, from the absolute lowest local offices, to the highest in our country, have all lost their service to the citizens.
  12. Why not a public forum/meeting/debate of both governmental groups, starting with a written handout from each, stating their perceived pros and cons?
  13. Ignatius


    IIRC, they did for Main, not sure for Maple. But, with the extent of work, burying of utility lines would have dramatically helped the appearance. T
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