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  1. And that includes the voted for government and it's tribe.
  2. Who is winning the race to the bottom of humanity? Stupid people? Weird people?
  3. Sept. 24th 1965 The most racist president of the US since the civil war issued executive order 11246 prohibiting discrimination during the hiring process of future employees. (making minorities dependent on the government even more so than they already were). Sounds good does it not? Can't exclude non whites when you hire an employee. That quickly turned into, you better hire a minority even if that minority was/is not qualified for the job. It started in our military and filtered it's way into our voted for government. The end result was exactly what could be expected. Unqualified people holding the position of power of over the qualified people. Geeze, I wonder why we have such bad relations between minorities and white people. Even the nicest white person would end up with a bitter taste in his/her mouth. But that was a solution handed down from the voted for. Well it took years but millions stood up against the stupid and it kinda just faded away until now. The stupid failed experiment is back with a new name. The Liberals are known for coming up with a new label to continue their failed ideas. (manmade global warming is now climate change but they had a few labels in between that jump) It's called DEI which stands for diversity, equity and inclusion. They just added more groups of people that has to be hired over and above the most qualified person. I am so tempted in posting pics of these people but I won't for now. If you own a business does your voted for government have the right to tell you who you can hire??? If you volunteered your life to join the military, should the military pass up your promotion and give it to another person because that person is a queer or chooses to be a cat or a dog?
  4. Trump Verdict NY Just how stupid can people be??? Has their fear and hatred completely taken control of their brains???? Has anyone sat down and figured out how much revenue Trump has brought into their city and state??? Maybe they should have used the land he built profitable things on to build more government supplied housing for minorities that has pigeon holed minorities for generations who depends on other people's tax dollars to supply them with a roof over their heads. What profit does taxpayers see from their tax dollars being used to buy the limited needs of other people??? Can anyone guess on the money spent by other people in or around a Trump building?? Instead of fighting this stupid ruling, Trump should just stick it to the stupid people right up their stupid azzes. Hang a 30 day notice on every building he owns requiring the occupants to vacate HIS property. Destroy and remove every single piece of building material then fence it in. Put those properties up for sale with an asking price of 1 billion dollars per square inch. Don't allow ONE single blade of grass to appear, nothing but dirt for all to see. Let those stupid ignorant liberals wallow in their stupidity for years. Make them beg him to fix what they caused.
  5. Careful with that statement, Buddy. We all agree with the truth that we feel but the noisy news is running with allegations made by people who has not stood tall by giving their names. Those that are going on TV claiming they know the truth has been questioned about other things they claimed and could not back up their accusations. As much as I hate it, I gotta wait for first hand knowledge of what I know to be true
  6. fedup

    Penn State

    And there is a question that needs to be asked concerning a lot of things.
  7. fedup

    Penn State

    HAAAAAARRRVVVVAAAARRRD. You just seen it's leader with her higher education.
  8. The liberal losers will keep throwing everything at him including the kitchen sink because they are such losers when it comes to being real Americans who does not beg a crooked government to hand them things they do not deserve. Promoting and trying to live with double standards is impossible. Crooked Clinton's Crooked Obama's Crooked Biden's. Just a few examples How can you wake up every morning ignoring the facts concerning them while throwing kitchen sinks at Trump? There is lots of answers to that question but today's answer is be just like Fanny from Georgia. Your rules do not apply to you.
  9. More bad news. The judge, who is allowing this circus, is up for re-election in 4 months. He is sitting in a room full of liberal voters being watched on TV by more liberals. This circus should be in front of a jury.
  10. The wheels of Anti-America keeps on keeping on with loads of laughter.
  11. Ya I know, I just wasted hours of my time trying to inform you all on what is costing you money you don't have and what is costing you your freedom. Everything that is connected to the "sky is falling" brought to you by your government (and other governments) is the biggest hoax that mankind has ever been exposed to. Make a list of the educated experts on the earth's climate that are not paid with government money. If you find any, show where they have been on TV promoting their knowledge and facts. Here is the only fact that controls all the guesses. The earth's climate changes every second everyday all over the world. It has been doing that since the earth was created.
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