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  1. New rules. Everyone carry a gun. If the lady can't use her gun to protect herself then other gun owners should shoot the sumb1tch between the eyes then go home for supper. Let the rats eat the rotten person.
  2. BUT BUT BUTT The Liberals got rid of Trump didn't they? They all deserve the medal of honor.
  3. First off, there should be more than two viable choices to vote for. There always is only two viable choices. That is how your voted for dictatorship survives and makes tons of money. You are NOT being governed by the majority or the minority. Your being governed by crooks that you can't make go away as they get richer by the minute with no one stopping them.
  4. "the best" would never dream of getting involved with our corrupt government.
  5. They won't. This is what you get, when you get, what you vote for.
  6. Just another step in the Liberals plan to destroy this country.
  7. Typical Liberal thinking. Braindead and the braindeads cuts the hours of the government run delivery system then stupid Braindead goes on tv and berates private companies for not working more hours to save his useless AZZ. They all are POS'S, every one of them.
  8. What runs the postal service? The same voted for government that tells you, you can't work unless you follow it's rules SUCKERS
  9. fedup


    BBB BULLSH1T BULLSH1T BULLSH1T. A Liberal couldn't connect two LEGO blocks
  10. IMAGINE THAT!!!!!! And nothing will be done about it.
  11. fedup


    The Liberals can't even tell the truth about kids. Once again, your voted for Liberals just lie all day long. YouTube confirms it picked kids featured in Harris video By Alex Gangitano The Hill 19 hours ago The White House on Tuesday said it did not select the children, reportedly child actors, who appeared in a YouTube video with Vice President Harris. YouTube confirmed that it had selected the children in the video and reached out to various sources, including casting websites, to find them.
  12. Excellent post. You could have taken a short cut and just said " your life is gonna suck because of the Liberals"
  13. And when she was question directly about it, she flat out lied. She is a arrogant B!TCH
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