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  1. This is how the so-called experts are responding to their failures. https://www.cnn.com/2021/07/31/health/covid-breakthrough-cdc-masks-five-takeaways/index.html?cid=external-feeds_iluminar_newsbreak One contradiction after another. One excuse after another. If you decide to read this garbage, let us know what you learned and do you feel better now?????
  2. Getting tested, get's you, where?????? The unproven vaccines are not stopping the virus from attacking, you can still get the virus and transmit it. No one or no entity has proven that wearing a mask stops the transfer of the virus. The great doctor Fauci, took your tax dollars to China and brought the virus to the world. He has been lying to you ever since, along with the W H O and other so called experts. Your voted for polly's are clueless. They can't shut their mouths even when they know they have no answers which causes more confusion. SO NOW WHAT?
  3. The top dog Liberal in the world. Voted for and accepted by the equally brain dead Liberals who infect a great nation like a Fauci Virus does.
  4. Not my buddy Watoo's. He can't help it, that there is no, hurry up shot, to cure his Liberalism. America needs that more than a shot that ain't curing the virus.
  5. fedup


    That's the brainwashing
  6. People who are A-Holes thinking they are entitled to more than others is the problem. It's only gonna get worse. Our broke down education system has been teaching entitlement for years.
  7. fedup

    crazy sad

    Great post.
  8. fedup

    crazy sad

    The stupid Liberal agenda at work.
  9. fedup


    Exactly. That is what this thread is about. "AS SEEN ON TV" If it is seen on TV it now is considered the accepted norm.
  10. fedup


    That does not make what they are selling correct. That makes them part of the problem. I will sell myself to promote a agenda and make my agenda appear as if it is normal life. Outside of some creepy poop addicts, I can't think of anyone that is interested in a woman taking a Sh1t.
  11. Give them a little spank and turn them lose on the public. Who cares, who dies because of them.
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