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  1. I am all for it. Stick it right in the Liberal's faces.
  2. Ya, gas in plastic bags!!!!!! And they probably vote. Wanna guess what party they vote for?
  3. Fly to Mexico, swim the river back into this country, enjoy all that this nation has to offer. Meanwhile those that built this nation are paying for it all. Liberals and their double standard Liberalism are like a huge scab on citizens freedom's.
  4. You still ain't gettin' it. Rules that citizens has to abide by as your voted for government skips those rules for non citizens who does not have to follow the same rules.
  5. And the illegal invaders keep coming by the thousands thanks to the voted for Liberal government. If your a taxpaying legal citizen of this country you MUST follow the laws of this country. If not, the law enforcement of this country will penalize you. Welcome to Liberal America where rules are broken or enforced according who you are.
  6. And our voted for government makes rules and regs we all have to follow to protect these stupid idiots educated by our Liberal education system.
  7. You just figured out a way to save America.
  8. There is a Liberal trapped in your mouse???????
  9. Derailed: Biden’s heartfelt Amtrak story was a complete lie records show Posted by Shore News Network 1 day ago President Joe Biden was caught in another lie this week. Earlier today, he was caught in a lie about his child detention camps at the U.S. border with Mexico. Now, it turns out his heartfelt stories about his mother, Amtrak and a conductor he had befriended were also full of lies. When I became Vice President, one of the Capitol H
  10. How many tax dollars are spent subsidizing electric vehicles?
  11. Hell, they don't know how to pay back a dollar they begged for.
  12. fedup

    jobs report

    Nope, they will demand more Liberal help and get it.
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