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  1. Closed until further notice sign on door.
  2. I think theirs is by appointment for certain days (covid era), unless they changed it back. *edit to add Salvation Army, quote didn’t work
  3. It is no longer located in the stadium. They moved over by the Tannery, into the old grocery store building that was also an Amish furniture store.
  4. This is from 2012. Thought the point if this thread was how bad it has gotten in 2021?
  5. They did that 2 years ago during the last Community Days. They removed them before they started smelling to badly for the families living near there placement.
  6. Just wanted to say Thank you! for posting this. We went and had a great day. The EBT team is really doing a wonderful job on restoring and preserving the local history. And Rockhill Trolley Museum is too. Definitely will go back. They are hoping to have their big steam locomotive fully restored for the fall foliage trips.
  7. Maybe the school was brought in to it because a teacher was encouraging them to do something? May or may not of been holding signs, but to be an activist in some way.
  8. It’s not always possible to save much of anything when you’re the working poor, living pay check to pay check. It has nothing to do with living above their means, it’s living and providing for ones family.
  9. Hi. Just wondering if anyone here burns the dyed kerosene in their heaters indoors. I have heard a lot of different reasons to not use it. Heard that it’s only dyed red to keep people from cheating on taxes and that it just hardens the wick quicker than clear. The clear off the store shelves is just so pricey compared to the dyed pumped per gallon. No one in DuBois sells kerosene at the pump, have to go to Sykesville for a pump and it’s dyed. Thank you for any information.
  10. This was on our list of family vacations, however we won’t be going to DC anytime in the foreseeable future.
  11. Highly recommend this to all ages. Has something for everyone to enjoy. The food prices are excellent, the choices are varied (including kosher, vegetarian, gluten-free), and is delicious. Outdoors we did the mining, zoo and camel rides. We did not do the zip lines. And the 3D theatre was just breaking ground when we were there. We will be going back in the future.
  12. Wonderful place to spend 1 to 3 days. Highly recommend it, especially if you want to get more in-depth on studying the Bible. I would not recommend taking younger children for more than a partial day. The Ark is where they will have the most fun and the educational experience is geared more towards a full day trip.
  13. I went to that page, but didn’t see anything listed for tree removal. I checked under Wood-chips, but didn’t see any businesses listed. I am using my phone , so maybe didn’t load correctly?
  14. Daughter used Boleen Tree Service, located in Brockport. Price was very reasonable. Cut down some huge trees that were tangled in phone and electric lines, didn't damage anything. We will definitely use them again.

    1. Trillyn


      Thank you very much. Will look them up and check them out. 

  15. Anyone know someone in the area that doesn’t charge an arm and a leg to trim or take damaged trees down? They don’t need to take the tree limbs/logs, I can do that. Thanks!
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