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  1. Didn’t see the news and didn’t see anything on either websites when I checked. Doesn’t really matter after the fact, they missed the opportunity to help turn out.
  2. My family went to the welcome parade. Had a good time meeting some out of towners and enjoying the weather. Was a decent turnout. I think it would have been a greater crowd if the event had been covered by local news. On a side note … There was zero coverage from local news stations. I personally think it’s a disgrace that neither of the 2 local news stations with offices here, couldn’t even bother to cover it. One of them is even located by the city park, no one could bother to take a camera outside? They should reconsider having offices here, save themselves some money. Rant over.
  3. Ovens are down. Hoping to be repaired by today, but Friday was crossed out and Saturday was written on sign today.
  4. I have a wooden coffee table that has a broken leg. It’s not been used in awhile and I misplaced the broken off piece, so a new leg will need to be crafted. Need suggestions on who in the area could do the repair and not cost me my own leg 😉
  5. There is an Uber driver in DuBois. If you need his info can pm me. He is sometimes driving people out of town/state, but normally available everyday.
  6. Aren’t there security cameras at Kurts? I can’t imagine they don’t have them covering their lots. If they don’t have the area covered, they should get it done soon, it will keep happening if no one gets caught.
  7. Not a peep from them on that monster Fauci, they don’t care about animals.
  8. I think theirs is by appointment for certain days (covid era), unless they changed it back. *edit to add Salvation Army, quote didn’t work
  9. It is no longer located in the stadium. They moved over by the Tannery, into the old grocery store building that was also an Amish furniture store.
  10. This is from 2012. Thought the point if this thread was how bad it has gotten in 2021?
  11. They did that 2 years ago during the last Community Days. They removed them before they started smelling to badly for the families living near there placement.
  12. Just wanted to say Thank you! for posting this. We went and had a great day. The EBT team is really doing a wonderful job on restoring and preserving the local history. And Rockhill Trolley Museum is too. Definitely will go back. They are hoping to have their big steam locomotive fully restored for the fall foliage trips.
  13. Maybe the school was brought in to it because a teacher was encouraging them to do something? May or may not of been holding signs, but to be an activist in some way.
  14. It’s not always possible to save much of anything when you’re the working poor, living pay check to pay check. It has nothing to do with living above their means, it’s living and providing for ones family.
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