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  2. It goes along with cancel culture, wokeness, offendedness, safe space; a demand to change because this very very tiny group of people want it. Why do these corps give in to this tiny percentage of morons. And why do democrats go along with it?
  3. And it’s okay for a “woke” singer to sing a song called WAP whose lyrics are so repulsive and evil and derogatory to women. This needs to stop now.
  4. He doesn’t have a coherent thought and can’t articulate a complete sentence without saying something embarrassing. And he’s the leader of the free world. Scary we “elected” him. He does this almost everytime he speaks. Yet watoos says it’s not real......Russia is to blame.
  5. It’s Russia’s fault. Right watoos? RUSSIA made Joey mis speak and look like a fool again. For the thousandth time. Everyone mis speaks every time they open their mouth and if you disagree it’s because Russia made you think that. Huh. Lol.
  6. He’s a DICTATOR. His own words....not mine. “I have this strange notion, we are a democracy ... if you can't get the votes ... you can't [legislate] by executive order unless you're a DICTATOR” Dictator Joe
  7. Lol. yeah. BIDENOMICS. Over 6 trillion and counting in the first hundred days. It’s Biden’s economy. It’s like giving a limitless credit card to a child.
  8. Minimum wage is for minimum skills. Want more pay.....learn more skills.
  9. This is NOT why. I personally know this. Its due to the free money handed out and ALL the EXTRA pay in unemployment and other incentives. But keep spinning that tired old horse. Dems love free stuff.
  10. The ER will cost you more. ER copays (mine anymore) is much higher than a Q-care. One or two hundred vs. 20 or 30; Not to mention the wait time difference. A Q-care type facility is always best for non-emergency needs.
  11. Yep.....should be a justification for the death penalty. And before anyone gets on my back.......I KNOW what the law says.
  12. You haven’t read my posts. I SAID I GET IT. I know what the law is. I’m saying it’s crap that she will only get a small sentence for what amounts to murder. So for the third time....I GET IT. Still doesn’t make it right.
  13. My comprehension is fine dude. Like most others, I believe our laws are too easy on criminals. LIKE I SAID IN THE OTHER POST.....WE GET IT. We just don’t agree with it. It’s stupid a woman who INTENTIONALLY got stoned and INTENTIONALLY got in her car and killed someone will only get a few years. Stupid is the only word. It’s a slap in the face to the family it happened too. Her act was intentional. Btw. She took the drugs. She drove.
  14. ???? So someone forced her into her car and made her drive. I think she got in and drove herself. Correct me if I’m wrong. She didn’t get in her car and drive? The wrong way and killing someone?
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