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  1. Gas prices are 43 percent higher than last year this time. build back better.
  2. How depraved we can be. We are capable of good and extreme evil. The sin nature of the human condition knows no limits.....
  3. I wonder how the plows are gonna do the disaster Maple ave? I truly cant believe they havent smoothed it out. Even the area they supposedly did; sucks. At least smooth the patches out. Plows will tear it up if they dont. Its undrivable but thats another story.
  4. Who in the USA would want this and be all for it? (Other than politicians or the super wealthy). The ones affected negatively by this are the middle incomers. Spend and tax. Can’t spend without taxing. Ask Biden.
  5. Are there any dems here that still support Biden and what he’s done? If so why? Seriously. I just can’t see one thing good. Gas skyrocketed due to his first day executive order. Inflation due to massive spending. The border is leaking at 5x the rate than when Trump was in. And how bout Afghanistan and what bido did to every woman and girl living there? I really want to know what he’s done for our betterment……I mean the trio has jumped ship. What about the rest here?
  6. Good job voting for this inept; economy killing disaster dems. You’ve already cost the average American thousands per year more in higher gas and inflations. If this passes it will be thousands more. Literally. It will never end. I guess that’s what happens when you vote in a senile old man.
  7. In hiding. Wouldnt you be? They were so hateful to Trump in all things and pushed their Democrat candidate and looky now. Their guy is a hundred-fold worse. Literally in all things, the biden admin has done worse than any other admin ever.....easily.
  8. The shot literally only affects the one taking it. It is “my body”. The pro Abortion crowd can’t claim that. Abortion kills an individual. (Scientific fact). It does not kill the mom….only a separate child (scientific fact). Therefore no woman can claim it’s “my body”. (Biological fact and scientific fact that it’s not your body. The body being murdered is a separate human body with its own dna (and blood)). Facts and liberals don’t mix. your comparison doesn’t hold up. Apples and potatoes.
  9. There are no updates from the Biden admin on this. This is appalling and grounds for impeachment. His actions are a complete dereliction of duty. We should have daily updates about this. He’s silent since he left thousands stranded. He’s got much blood on his hands.
  10. I’m so embarrassed at this time in America. Obviously he has onset dementia. His walk even proves that. Those that have seen first hand loved ones with dementia know what I’m talking about. He should be cared for in his home.
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