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  1. It’s all about the Benjamin’s. is the earth warming? Sure. A little bit. Should we give the government control to do something about it? Are you an idiot! If you like less money in your pocket with zero results then okay. If you believe in warming then YOU do something. Don’t tell me to do it. I’ve yet to meet a global alarmist who puts their money where their mouth is. They are nearly ALL hypocrites.
  2. I do admire Musk for his wanting to do something. He has seen the light in recent years as well 😅
  3. I get it but my post is still true. BTW which motor weighs 60 pounds? The lightest is 70 pounds and produces 365hp or so. Not 500. You can’t compare them to a gas car engine for weight due to the fact that the batteries weight needs be taken into account. They weigh many hundreds of pounds each. The weight is actually more of an electric car because of the batteries. the electric motors weight is meaningless by itself. Either way due to cost they are untouchable to the average consumer. I certainly wouldn’t turn one down if a global alarmist on this message board would give me one. Or anyone for that matter.
  4. My thoughts on electric: Would I like to own a Tesla? Yes. They are pretty cool and the most advanced electric car in the world imo. And can go 300 miles which is plenty for a daily driver. Are they efficient even for an electric car? No imo. Fossil fuels are still being used to charge them AND more importantly; in 5 years when the batteries need replaced it’ll cost me 5000 bucks to replace. Not efficient. secondly experts agree there isn’t enough lithium to go all electric. Everything uses a lithium battery these days. The huge batteries needed for a car times MILLIONS of cars would deplete it. And finally the environmental impact of all the spent batteries would do more damage to the environment than using gas. They don’t recycle lithium. Sorry Greta; we aren’t there yet. Gas is most efficient still. I know looney Biden thinks there’s some magical unicorn fart energy source but I’m not seeing it.
  5. Yeah I know. The alternative is sketchy at best. We’re just screwed all around for awhile.
  6. I would suggest that it’s due to very little mental illness but in fact due to hate. I think we blame “mental illness” for far too much as opposed to just hatred in one’s heart.
  7. Biden’s is easily hands down the worst president in history. The American people are financially in hardships due to his collapsing economy and devaluing of the dollar and his high gas and inflation. And he steals billions to pay off someone’s loans. Impeach him now! But at least he’s woke.
  8. We teach our children their existence is meaningless and that they came from a pond. We teach them there is no moral authority. We teach them that there is nothing more than this. So my question…..what the hell do you expect. “Live your truth” right? Whatever the heck that means. It’s a Godless society instilled on people now at birth. But hey…..let’s blame the weapon.
  9. Yeah. Not sure this is a good idea.
  10. Someone get his meds. The leader of the free world….. wow. He should be cared for by his son in his home. Monitored around the clock, so he doesn’t hurt himself or fall. The poor little frail elder….
  11. We need to have our own gardens. We shouldn’t have got away from that.
  12. Whom ever is responsible for it needs to dredge it out. It looks horrible and is in dire need of it. In some spots there are islands and earth built way up. Trees are growing in it as well. It’s decades past due. The city needs to get on whatever authority it falls on. I’d be ticked if I lived in the flood zone area.
  13. I think it’s from complete Godlessness and the removal of a higher authority in him.
  14. Sorry but the idiocy of the left is doing nonsense things such as this. Define a woman? I can’t. I don’t have a biology degree. Yes, the left is that stupid.
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