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  1. I withhold judgement both ways. You don’t know if he isn’t guilty of what he’s being accused of. Nor do I. He may be. He may not be. I certainly won’t say he did or didn’t do it. For all you know it’s true. Too much nonsense both ways.
  2. Yep. The ones crying to not stereotype because it’s racist…..stereotype the most. That’s rich.
  3. “The world hated me. They will you also” -Jesus. This is actually encouraging to me. A friend of the world (worldly ways) is an enemy of God. “Do not be conformed to the world”. God does not make mistakes.
  4. The problem is that you can’t differentiate between someone disagreeing with a lifestyle with hate. That sums up the leftist today. Disagree with something they think and they accuse you of either being a homophobe, a racist or a transphobe or any other number of names. Just as you are doing. Believe it or not we can disagree on things and actually not hate them. But It’s the playbook tactic of libs today. Call someone a hater that doesn’t agree with you. It’s childish and immature. But I expect it of the left.
  5. Extreme. “small country town mindset”. Stereotype much? That has absolutely nothing to do with it. Zero. In fact, it’s insulting and inappropriate and I expected better than this.
  6. Maybe this is the case is some areas but it certainly is not illegal everywhere. I was listening to ultra left NPR (sometimes I do for a laugh) and they had a “trans” man on who had her breasts cut off when still in high school. And the reporter was actually agreeing with her that republicans are the problem for being against it. So yes….it does happen.
  7. In a nutshell; liberalism is stupid. They are ALL hypocrites
  8. The proofs in the money. ALL global warming initiatives make others richer and many poorer. That’s all you need to know. If a person were really concerned about the planet they would go after the waste. The throw away society. The buy new every two society. Etc. Ive yet to meet a global warming person who wasn’t a hypocrite. Not a one.
  9. I can’t believe someone is making an excuse for what he did????? Three 9 year olds murdered and adults. I’m in disbelief.
  10. What an ignorant buffoon.............reprehensible. And as is the norm for the left; immediately blame the tool used.
  11. Who said anything about justifying? There is no justification for this! We are talking about motivation.
  12. It may certainly matter what he identifies as if the motivation for murdering people at a Christian school may have been because they disagreed with his lifestyle. Time will tell if that plays into it. But it should be investigated.
  13. Was there a point to the meeting then? Did they address anything about it? I would think they woulD address steps to ensure it doesn’t happen again and process changes. How do we oust all of em?
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