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  1. Total embarrassment every time he speaks. That is the leader of the greatest country on planet Earth. But hey.......at least he doesnt say mean things on Twitter!
  2. Lets just get this on the ballot and let the people decide on whether we keep living in the past with in-fighting and lawsuits or whether we move forward as a single community. Let the people decide. As it should be.
  3. Communist sympathizers. Plain and simple. Oil went up the first day he took office. Gas up 1.00 per gallon in 6 months. It cost me thousands per year and counting. Biden’s economy.
  4. I signed it at the parking lot across from shankels (sp) pharmacy.
  5. 15 years for a life and lifelong pain to the others who had life threatening injuries. 😞
  6. So sad. Restraining orders do nothing for the most part. It’s all on paper. Nothing prevents things like this. She was a victim when they were together and now a victim for the last time. Somehow someway this system needs fixed. That poor woman. And now her son will know neither. So heartbreaking.
  7. Sounds like the group should have specific people for clean up duty. And if they already do….they need more. There’s no excuse. If you’re gonna make a mess at an event then you need to have staff for cleanup. I hope the county holds them accountable.
  8. Yes. As that section is connected so it went down like domino’s. So sad. Couldn’t imagine it. I’ll be following to see what happened. Maybe sink hole or just a bad structure. Hopefully time will tell.
  9. What’s truly funny is how some brainwashed democrats deny it and blame Russia. 🤣🤣🤣. Apparently they don’t watch him speak or they just love being ignorant. His admin won’t let him speak. He’s had two press meetings in the time Trump had 120. He should be living in a home or with his children.
  10. Maple would look beautiful with red maples planted. They grow straight and never need pruned and have a nice purple look and keeps in line with “maple” Ave. but dub won’t do anything. We know that
  11. Proof that “kids leave no matter how successful” please. Some may but certainly MORE WILL when the area is depressed and crumbling and has little to offer. I showed proof of our shrinking numbers. Yet some just relish in the dwindling area I guess.
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