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  1. What’s truly funny is how some brainwashed democrats deny it and blame Russia. 🤣🤣🤣. Apparently they don’t watch him speak or they just love being ignorant. His admin won’t let him speak. He’s had two press meetings in the time Trump had 120. He should be living in a home or with his children.
  2. Maple would look beautiful with red maples planted. They grow straight and never need pruned and have a nice purple look and keeps in line with “maple” Ave. but dub won’t do anything. We know that
  3. Proof that “kids leave no matter how successful” please. Some may but certainly MORE WILL when the area is depressed and crumbling and has little to offer. I showed proof of our shrinking numbers. Yet some just relish in the dwindling area I guess.
  4. Wrong. The pop is shrinking. In 2010 there were 7794 people in dubois. The estimate for 2019 is 7300. It’s readily available. You literally spouted no facts. More lies and conjecture. No facts. None. Just living in fear and in the bitter past. Whatever. Some just want to keep everyone held back. Unfortunately everyone has to suffer for those some. Sad. Very sad.
  5. This isn’t state college. We are talking about why some want to hold on to feuds and bitterness that our great grandparents started. We currently aren’t far off of your description. But we can push for a better future for our kids. There is no future currently. Hence Our young leaving. Hence the need to join.
  6. Yes. It’s simply ignorance my friend. They are fear based. They have no proof of anything. Pure speculation. They’d rather staying stuck with a depressed and shrinking area then try and hope for a better future. Ignorance is bliss when you are afraid. We are a depressed and bankrupt area with no money for our infrastructure and they think that’s good. Clearly it hasn’t worked for 100 years. But they fear any change. Hence the young leaving.
  7. ??? You are the one making false statements and claiming things you don’t know; as if you can see in the future (which is a lie btw) Not me. My statement has always been the same. We must move forward. As one. I don’t hold onto grudges or bickering from 100 years ago! Let it go. Move forward and let’s act like a single community that we should be.
  8. Again. Much ado about nothing here. Nothing you stated about Sandy will change. It’s nothing but fear and conjecture what you are stating. Move forward. Together as a single community. End the in-fighting…..already.
  9. Great. Now let’s do it together. Not as a bickering segregated small community. It has clearly not worked well being separated.
  10. Yup. They think if they join that a skyscraper will be built on their property and their taxes will jump twofold. It’s all based On fear and lies.
  11. Nothing you posted is true. It’s pure conjecture. So the hundred year grudge continues…… We can’t grow if we arent United. Mind you …..I have lived in Sandy township for over twenty years. And I can unequivocally say it’s stupid that we aren’t together as one.
  12. Like I said before....Sandy is stupid for not consolidating. Living in the 100 year past. The area is crumbling (except the hospital). Time to move forward and become one and end the hundred year old grudge.
  13. They should be. And I live in Sandy. I fully support consolidation. I don’t live in the distant past where my great grandparents started this feud. It’s stupid. Plain and simple. Time to move forward.....together. Sandy sucks.
  14. Yup. Not a mention from Biden. Not a word. The only president since to not commemorate it. That’s the administration we have. Shameful and sad.
  15. That’s fine. But these are your beliefs. You shouldn’t judge those that disagree with this. And you are.
  16. Interesting. You just judged in this post. There’s a word for that. Calling many’s belief antiquated is a judgment. I suppose judging is okay so long as it’s you doing the judging. “It’s nobodies decision to judge what’s right or wrong”. That’s a scary statement.
  17. I miss the days when females (and males) had self respect enough to cover up and not show the goods. Class is sadly missing amongst our youth and even grown adults these days....(not all I know I know.....but in general)
  18. Good and the price is amazing for how much you get. I agree with you here. My favorite is still the main icecream place.
  19. Like so many pollys; they forgot how and why they are there. For the people and by the people. Sadly; power and /or wealth can do that. Gov cuomo is the prime example.
  20. That would be best for society. All the technology has caused massive narcissism. Everyone thinks they are special. In a bad way.
  21. Then you need to turn the AC down more.
  22. Awesome. Pennsylvanians voted right this time.
  23. ...Or with a condescending, know-it-all. (Or rather someone who thinks they know it all). Chill out old man/woman.
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