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  1. I dont buy it. Not that Im a huge fan of his but its hearsay and gossip. I guess I try to imagine if false rumors were going around like that about me. The Qanon bullsht is when that started and we know how credible the Q is. Its all hearsay. The truth will come out someday.
  2. Buffoon. Comparing a peace-loving man during a time of segregation to a 12 time criminal who was stoned at the time and who also held a white pregnant woman at gun point while he robbed her............Classy dems.......real classy.
  3. Awe man. Saddened by this. 😓
  4. Don’t treat gislaine as if she’s some kind of hero IF she calls people out. She’s a reprehensible person for what she did. Many womens lives have been changed forever because of her. She’s a rapist and a sex trafficker of the worst kind.
  5. At this point why even get tested unless you work in healthcare. If you have a cold or flu like symptoms, stay home until you are better. That way you know that even if Covid, you won’t be infectious anymore.
  6. Not getting too excited yet. I’ll believe it when I see it. A lot of famous people should be behind bars. But we know that the wealthy are always protected.
  7. It’s not even funny at this point. He needs removed! There’s gotta be something republicans can do to remove this moron.
  8. Its sin to spread hearsay and gossip specially with such extreme accusations as this. Unless you have or are a first hand witness, best to keep your mouth shut for you will be held accountable for it. The truth will be revealed. The source is questionable at best.
  9. You said it…..they are perverted. We live in a perverse time “as in the days of Noah”.
  10. One failure after another. What a disaster.
  11. Only difference is that the msm downplays Biden’s and ignores it and crucified Trump.
  12. Yup. This is pretty accurate.
  13. No. His claim was cut and dry. I did what the scriptures say to do in testing these so called prophets. He failed the testing of the scriptures.
  14. My view on abortion when a woman is raped….certainly I sympathize with the woman. But personally know abortion is wrong. Think about it. A woman was made a victim by the act of the rapist……..and she in turn kills her baby making another victim. Two wrongs certainly don’t make a right. Is one worse than the other? It’s a touchy subject.
  15. Or rather there is nothing in his head. Hence he’s now a liberal.
  16. They like changing names. Like that makes it any different. See also illegal aliens. To undocumented immigrants. Global warming to climate change. And on and on. Democrats like to deny truth and reality.
  17. 60,000,000 is the number of abortions since its become legal. Literally an entire generation of doctors, scientists, presidents, leaders, cancer curers, etc. have been unjustly killed through no fault of their own.
  18. Yes! Put them to the test; which is why I wont listen to this guy as he is the one claiming God said he would remove Biden from office in November..... I put him to the test. I examined him by testing him. He was wrong, therefore he didnt hear from God as claimed.
  19. Amen. And with so much hate and killing in the world around us, it’s so saddening that so much of the killing is of our innocent next generation. What should be the safest place on earth (the womb) is actually the highest death rate.
  20. Wrong again. A ventilator literally breathes for the person. And can add O2 and humidity. Without the ventilator the patient would die. Many patients are on a vent when they can’t breathe on their own at all. They aren’t just an assist device. Their primary use is to actually breath for the person. I guess their lives don’t count then by your simplistic reasoning since they couldn’t breath on their own.
  21. Wrong. It’s not my opinion. It’s a fact. FACT: The unborn are human beings. You can justify killing human beings however you want but the FACT remains….the unborn are fully human. Not an opinion.
  22. They are anti science. it’s a scientific and biological fact that what’s growing in the mother is a human being. Im amazed at the lack of love for the unborn.
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