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  1. The one and only!!! Ask Bill what his thoughts are on Hildabeast.
  2. Your President in waiting....we give you "Hildabeast"
  3. Biden would then pick his new VP. And guess who he would pick? Hillary Clinton!!! Joe bows out due to mental incapacities and Hillary gets her dream job....Pres. of the USA!! The fix is in!!
  4. Saw today on Fox News that maybe, just maybe....that Kamala Harris would be a candidate for the Supreme Court. Imagine that???
  5. Up in Brownville, Maine...a guy created a "Deer Pantry" where he feeds the deer anywhere from 500 - 700 lbs. of oats everyday along with apples and acorns. Feeding takes place every morning around 9 a.m. and the deer impatiently wait for him to fill the troughs. There's upwards of 100+ deer; he has live cameras strategically placed where you can get a close up view or a wide angle view. What's interesting is the deer get into fights over the food...displaying deer hierarchy.
  6. Actually....they look better in that photo than in real life!!!
  7. She wants to join Jeffrey Epstein...so no better way to do it!!
  8. Look at this store...the shelves are well stocked.
  9. Joe's latest speeches....if you call it a speeches: “They were bold they were told that it would be hard but they were stayed bold there’d be too many obstacles they were told but because of the nature of the disease there wouldn’t be enough time where they were told, I suspect.” “In March of 2020 we were not ready. Today we spock tile enough we stockpiled enough gowns, mask and ventilators.” “Vaccinated 57 uh excuse me uh 570 excuse me I don’t wanna read it I’m not I got the got the right number the total number of boosters is what? Fifty-seven million boosters?” “You’re gonna see us traveling commercially in the next 20 years at 12, 15,000 miles an hour subsonic speeds supersonic speeds I mean the things that are gonna change.” “You know we’re gonna have windmills you’re gonna see that have 100-yard wingspans each each propeller on that on that uh um windmill 100 yards long so there so much that is gonna be able to be done.”
  10. The bigger question is.....why did the Democrats install Biden in the first place? Remember, right after the Super Tuesday event, all the other candidates dropped out and Biden remained. My theory is.....he was installed because people behind the scenes can easily control him to their advantage. What "they" didn't consider was how inept and ineffective he really is.
  11. "I really don't think there's too much future with a sawed-off runt like you"--Blondie to Tuco, The Good, the Bad & the Ugly
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