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  1. Since when did UPS become Judge, Jury and Executioner?
  2. “The watershed is not not literally but in fact evaporating in many places.” “Our communities not just our country down to individual communities the impact that the community has had.” “I’ve never forgotten not only what you’ve done for me but how importantly it mattered to me and to the country to our country what you’ve done for the country.” “We will guarantee we’ll immediately lower the average cost of energy cost $500 a year for the average family.” “An economy where all of us have a fair shot and a chance to earn our place in the economy.” “The wind that far out in the ocean is always blowing. It’s not like it’s just every once in a while like onshore. … It’s always blowing.” “Opportunities around the board for across the board.” “All members of the Congressional Pacific Asian Pacific American Caucus.” “COVID-19 vaccinations for children uh over 5 years of age finally some peace of mind you know this is uh should I say under 5 years we get ‘em over 5 years 5 months 6 months to 5 years.” “I met with nearly a dozen large CEO CEO’s of the largest 12 utility companies in America.” “Under my predecessor the deficit exploded raising rising every single year.” “It all started with the American Rescue Plan. The law has helped 41 me people, 41 million people put food on their table, remember are trouble putting food on their table.” “I’m outta here. Thank you very much. Which way am I going?”
  3. What a guy/gal/It. Bet the family is so proud!!!
  4. Can anyone picture AOC as President??? What's more fearful is the people who would put her (install her) in there in the first place.
  5. Will AOC run for president in 2024? Here's what she told Stephen Colbert (she'll be 35!) So will Ocasio-Cortez, who represents parts of the Bronx and Queens in Congress, run for president? During an appearance on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" on Tuesday, the newly-engaged lawmaker was asked just that. "You know, I know somebody who is going to turn 35 about a month before the election in 2024, and they represent New York's 14th," Colbert said, as Ocasio-Cortez squirmed in her seat, smiling. "Is that job appealing to you at all?"
  6. Will the daughter be charged with harboring a fugitive? Depends on the circumstances....did she turn him in?
  7. What makes me happy is that Dementia Joe is very unhappy. Made my day. What else can we serve up to make Biden unhappy?
  8. Basset3


    Can't help seeing these two people championing for the same political ideals. They look so much alike, it's scary.
  9. Great.....Dems are way down in the polls; so it's back to lie, cheat and steal in preparation for the mid-terms.
  10. And if, and only IF.....the plan comes to fruition; what is the expected outcome?? A few elites ruling the world? History is full of elites who believed they could rule the world.....didn't work out the way they thought it would. Does Napoleon or Hitler come to mind?
  11. 81 Million votes???? Check the cemeteries for that count.
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