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  1. Research the consolidation of Barnsboro and Spangler to form Northern Cambria. To this day the folks in both towns say they were promised the world....and got very little of it. If they had it to do over again....most of the people would vote against consolidation.
  2. This guy has quite a rap sheet...dating back to 2002. Perhaps he needs a lengthy "discussion" with Bubba to help mend his ways.
  3. "Wolfie" doesn't want to open up Pennsylvania; he would, therefore, lose his dictatorship.
  4. Hey...Macy Gray, Kim Jung Un wants to meet you personally and discuss that "thing" you said about him and his regime. Something about doing "hard labor" for an extended period of time. Better head over and see him...."he's got a gig for you" that you can't turn down. We'll send congratulations...oops, I mean condolences.
  5. Wow....that Biden Administration is right on it. Biden's handlers will need to keep Joe from kissing Putin's horse.
  6. “There’s nothing that Jill and I and Joe enjoy more than spending time with our troops and their families wherever we go in the world.” “To sum it up, look: COVID cases are down. COVID deaths are up.” “The first 14 months, first time first time in 14 months we saw the largest decline in the number of long-term unemployed more in more than a decade in the last 10 years.” “This report is based on a weekly uh uh in a week in early May that’s how we they determine the uh the job growth or loss we have growth.” “Because there’ll be significant population movements, fights over l
  7. He left the barn door open and the Tallywhacker escaped the stable.
  8. Meanwhile...Biden/Harris are happy to see gas prices go up-up-up. Their surreptitious method of introducing us to the New Green Deal.
  9. Indistinct: adjective "That smell inside the outhouse during 95 degree weather...you're in-dis-tinct"
  10. More Joe Biden fun with numbers starting with his quote of Chinese President Xi Jinping’s supposed prediction: “He firmly believes that China before the year 3035 is gonna own America because autocracies can make quick decisions.” (Does a thousand years seem “quick” to you?) “Just a little over a year ago, March 10 220 and 2020….” “Twenty-five thousand Chinese troops in the area, outnumbering US and Korean troops 2 to 3, excuse me 3 to 2.” “In the 10-year period between 14 and 24, excuse me between uh 10 and 20, 2010 and 2020.” “When I was sworn in there were 10
  11. Says the gal with gasoline-colored hair.
  12. Sometime in the near future...people will be willing to PAY to get a job. It's coming to a neighborhood near you and it won't be pretty.
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