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  1. Thanks lavender...sorry for the inconvenience.
  2. Grass and ground pine...yes some of those ones sound good. True...a planned planting ,thank you.
  3. Wow....people post from all over on this forum. I was only asking for suggestions. I am now living in the south.
  4. There is alot of kudzu here...it is everywhere. Kinda neat looking tho.
  5. Yes the more natural look...not alot of work to it. The hill side is really clear of the trees now. That was before, here is my long driveway. Maybe that will help show the slope of the hill.
  6. Yes something to just grow freely, undisturbed. Not a lot of care for...lol its such a steep hill.
  7. Lavender...I'm going to research some of the things you mentioned. Thank you for your resources. Yes we get deer and other critters. Living in the mountains...who knows what else...😄. Looking for green coverage on hillside. Trees (bushes) and flowers along the driveway. I love that white feathery looking bush pampas grass I think..lol
  8. Petee...we need something that will grow maybe 3-5 feet. The hill is now clear of the trees mostly...it is the embankment to the main road.... Fairly steep.. So something to add privacy on the hill. Full sun, native ? It would not have to be the whole hillside just enough to blend in...thank you.
  9. What is a good creeping ground cover or creeping vine? We have a hill/embankment we need to plant something. Any suggestions will be helpful.
  10. Grew up getting pizza from Frank's. This is sad, I always loved getting it . Going in there getting a dollar box as well.
  11. I was wondering if anyone has done the outdoor kitchen? If so pros / cons. I am doing some research. ...but would be interested in hearing from others that may have done or thinking about it. I have looked at many different plan ideas.
  12. Tinyus


    Thank you guys...this is so important to me.
  13. Tinyus


    I am wondering if anyone has suggestions on getting into Treasure Lake, without having family calling you in. I am planning a surprise trip and dont want them to know I am coming. It's been years since I've been in Treasure Lake. Is the ski lodge still there? Please help me make this surprise happen😉
  14. Sending prayers for the precious child. Faith is a fighter, as she has shown us all. May she continue to fight ...FAITH is a warrior....God bless her and this family....Bon she has amazing support....bless all of you!
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