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  1. Grew up getting pizza from Frank's. This is sad, I always loved getting it . Going in there getting a dollar box as well.
  2. I was wondering if anyone has done the outdoor kitchen? If so pros / cons. I am doing some research. ...but would be interested in hearing from others that may have done or thinking about it. I have looked at many different plan ideas.
  3. Tinyus


    Thank you guys...this is so important to me.
  4. Tinyus


    I am wondering if anyone has suggestions on getting into Treasure Lake, without having family calling you in. I am planning a surprise trip and dont want them to know I am coming. It's been years since I've been in Treasure Lake. Is the ski lodge still there? Please help me make this surprise happen😉
  5. Sending prayers for the precious child. Faith is a fighter, as she has shown us all. May she continue to fight ...FAITH is a warrior....God bless her and this family....Bon she has amazing support....bless all of you!
  6. Tinyus

    Faith Marie

    Amazing news....god bless her to continue to do well🥰
  7. My condolences to the family and friends....I worked many years with his wife . What a shock, I am saddened. I send my prayers and thoughts to his wife and children.
  8. Tinyus

    Drip pans

    Thank you....I gave bar keepers friend a try. I will be keeping it in the house on a regular basis. It works amazing. A girls best friend...lol.
  9. Tinyus

    Drip pans

    I never gave bar keepers friend a thought. On my list for the store👍...AWESOME thanks friends!
  10. Tinyus

    Drip pans

    Sounds great...thank you. I am willing to give anything a try 😄
  11. Tinyus

    Drip pans

    Do you have stove top drip pans? Man,😟 how does everyone clean their's? I have tried so many things from baking soda, vinegar, even sprayed oven cleaner and only a little bit comes clean. HELP....any suggestions you have to share would be appreciated😁 Thanks!
  12. She is such a beautiful baby girl.🍼💕🦄 Love the pictures you post. Thank you for sharing. She is growing nicely👍
  13. My donuts in the air fryer... 1 can Pillsbury biscuits (Grands flaky layers original) Butter Sugar/cinnamon Set air fryer at 330....for 4 minutes. Cut out the middle of each biscuit. Place 4 in at a time...use the middles to make donut holes. After the 4 minutes...brush melted butter, and dip into sugar/cinnamon mixture. Then you can do the same with donut holes, run at 330 for 2 minutes.
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