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  1. forget giving flowers....LONG UNDERWARE
  2. Meet Kalunda-Rae Iwamizu, AKA Kalunda Jenkins. She’s an adjunct English professor at Los Angeles Southwest College. At least she was – the college has scrubbed her from their online directory. She made about $100K a year without tenure. her known Aliases: Rae Grant, Kalunda Iwamizu, Kalunda M Iwamizu, Aalunda M Jenkins, Kalunda Mawia Jenkins, Iwamizu Kalunda, Kalunda Mawia Iwamizu, Rae Iwamizu, Kali Iwamizu, Kalunda Rae Iwamizu, Rae Grant, Grant Rae, Kali Kross, Rachel Madrid, Rachel Johnson, Rachel Grant, Kalundarae Iwamizu Hide
  3. hope her kid is shaking his head and thinking ....mom you are an idiot
  4. I know....so I went out and bought lotto tickets with my new found money
  5. exactly, dont put them on tv,,,,dont give them their 15 mins of fame
  6. burgers on grill ...ffries with cheese sauce
  7. PODCASTSDEBUNK THISNEWSLETTERBONGINO REPORT articles Black Lives Matter Releases Absurd Updated Set of Demands (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images) Black Lives Matter has updated their list of demands, which now includes convicting former President Donald Trump for his actions preceding the January 6 capitol riot, among other miscellaneous madness.
  8. Joe Biden Takes 94 Executive Actions on Immigration in 100 Days AP Photo/Evan Vucci, File CHARLIE SPIERING 3 May 20211,526 1:58 President Joe Biden unleashed a flurry of 94 executive actions on immigration in his first 100 days, according to an analysis by the Migration Policy Institute. The president and his administration moved quickly to dismantle immigration enforcement measures put into place by former President Donald Trump, opening up the border to more illegal aliens and noncitizens. Unattended migrants continue to rush t
  9. ECONOMY BIDEN: ‘Anybody Making Less than $400K a Year Will Not Pay a Single Penny in Taxes’ posted by Hannity Staff - 5.03.21 President Joe Biden continued to confuse millions of Americans over his proposed tax hikes; telling reporters Americans earning under $400,00 per year “will not pay a single penny in taxes.”
  10. THE U.S HAS LOST ITS MIND!! CORONAVIRUS DANCING CANCELED! DC Mayor Bans ‘Dancing’ at Indoor and Outdoor Weddings in Washington posted by Hannity Staff - 5.03.21 DC Mayor Muriel Bowser issued new guidelines for residents living in the nation’s capital Monday; saying wedding parties can proceed at 25% capacity but guests should remain seated and cannot dance. “It’s insane, it’s been an absolute roller coaster,” says Stephanie Sadowski, a D.C. wedding planner and owner of SRS Events.
  11. ABC’s Hostin: ‘We Need to Shun Those Who Refuse to Get Vaccinated’ — No Vax, No Entry PAM KEY 3 May 20211,053 ABC News legal analyst and co-host of “The View” Sunny Hostin said on Monday’s broadcast that “we need to shun those that refuse to get vaccinated” from public businesses and modes of transportation. Hostin said, “It’s a public health issue. It’s not a political issue. This is just a vestige of the prior administration’s position on the mask. The prior administration was an anti-science administration. I think we’re seeing the fa
  12. https://rumble.com/embed/vdu3g5/?pub=bxlfr
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