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  1. like the color of the glasses.....glad to see she is doing well !!
  2. its going to emlenton I believe....maybe not yet but it will
  3. idiots, this was down towards philly today
  4. you are right, they are NOT worth it, but in that moment they are your world....people just need enough time to see that....some do ...he didnt....everyone loses....prayers to all involved, Im done on this subject
  5. ahhh, but when its happening to you and in that moment...if you havent been there, dont preach to those that have....its an ugly place to be, betrayed by someone you loved and have it thrown in your face....
  6. or a husband that cared, took his vows seriously dont mess with a married person
  7. those were mean leprechauns
  8. WMJ77

    never forget

    Rape victim’s dad rips AG Garland for ‘domestic terrorists’ suggestion - Bing video
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