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  1. I was watching a video and a guy was at mcD's and was in drive thru ... while at the first window the lady behind him started beeping her horn yelling for him to hurry up he told the lady at the window he was going to pay for the ladies food that was behind him she handed him both recites and moved up to 2nd window.... when the lady pulled up to the window they said the guy paid for it....which made her embarrassed the man pulled up to the window , gave them both recites and got his AND HER FOOD ...she had 2 choices, go back through the drive thru(which was backed up ) or just leave.....KARMA
  2. she needs a smack of reality right in the piehole 1 for jumping line 2 for saying she didnt see him 3 for acting like a spoiled 2yr old throwing a tantrum I HOPE SHE AND HER PARENTS SEE THIS AND HIDE THEIR HEADS IN SHAME
  3. 1st you need to stop this.... a girls vollyball team is banned from their locker room because a trans (boy to girl) is on their team and making inappropriate comments while changing.....guess who was told to find another place to change......not the girl with a dick, he/she can stay, all of the girls/girls have to go....if you really want to be a girl chop it off whatever happened to the good of the many outweighs the good of 1
  4. dont vote for someone just because so and so thinks they will do a good job(and be paid to say that) listen when they talk. e-mail them questions. check the web to see what kind of person they are. I hate when my union tells me who is better for us, do they mean the high up union reps or the real workers... I always vote opposite So who cares what ole' Tom has to say
  5. its a shame with claypools size he cant/wont fight for the ball more.... under thrown ball?...go get it !!! tipped ball through P Frys hands and DJ's.....At least Kenny was throwing it down field...not bad for not practicing with 1st team this week.....3 supposedly good D coaches and 4 weeks now they cant find a way to cover wide open guys in the middle of the field....if our LB's cant cover....put more DB's or safties in their place...it is killing us
  6. this jets game would have been a good ease in game for the brutal games after...look 4 Sun, Oct 2 vsNew York 1:00 PM CBS Tickets as low as $78 5 Sun, Oct 9 @Buffalo 1:00 PM CBS Tickets as low as $226 6 Sun, Oct 16 vsTampa Bay 1:00 PM FOX Tickets as low as $149 7 Sun, Oct 23 @Miami 8:20 PM NBC Tickets as low as $229 8 Sun, Oct 30 @Philadelphia 1:00 PM CBS Tickets as low as $201 9 BYE WEEK 10 Sun, Nov 13 vsNew Orleans 1:00 PM FOX Tickets as low as $81 11 Sun, Nov 20 vsCincinnati 8:20 PM NBC Tickets as low as $101 12 Mon, Nov 28 @Indianapolis 8:15 PM Tickets as low as $85 13 Sun, Dec 4 @Atlanta 1:00 PM CBS Tickets as low as $122 14 Sun, Dec 11 vsBaltimore 1:00 PM CBS Tickets as low as $81 15 Sun, Dec 18 @Carolina 1:00 PM CBS Tickets as low as $115 16 Sat, Dec 24 vsLas Vegas 8:15 PM NFL NET Tickets as low as $86 17 Sun, Jan 1 @Baltimore 1:00 PM CBS Tickets as low as $90 18 Sun, Jan 8 vsCleveland TBD Tickets as low as $66
  7. What is everyone afraid of? The worst that could happen is Pickett isn't an NFL quarterback and the Steelers move on. The sample size we have on Mitch is small but in his 3 games the offense has been lackluster at best. If the Steelers are going to have a down year they should at least find out if this kid is the real deal or not. Why wait a year and then possibly have a second bad year going through growing pains with Pickett? I don't know when Pickett sees the field but unless Mitch starts helping the Steelers win games I see no reason to continue to sit Pickett. He's a year older than most rookie quarterbacks as it is, he isn't a snowflake going to be scarred if he has a bad outing or two and if it does scar him then he isn't cut out for the job.
  8. the only prob with mason is he is not mobile....when should KP start?.....you cant wait the whole yr because you would be in same place.....if he sucks then at least you would know, but he reads D'S better and much quicker than Mitch and MT is afraid to throw to middle of field, whether that's because he is afraid to make a mistake or int with Kenny in the rearview or because he throws a floater ball and cant get it into tight coverage either way 1-3 aint getting it done, after the jets our schedule is a killer
  9. Toni Cherry’s explanation.....she is part of the problem can she be voted out
  10. players are trying to call different plays in the huddle than what the OC calls in, that should tell you all you need to know...that and mitch just isnt that good....
  11. you wouldnt know its them if you were blindfolded
  12. def played lights out....we try to hold on at the end of games by running out the clock instead of finishing teams off.....when has Brady stopped passing ....we need a killer instinct The OC needs to open up plays down field not throw 5yd passes and hope they can run for yards....Mitch is slow to read the Def and is not accurate He can run when needed but Kenny can and does all 3 better......the o line needs to play better
  13. WMJ77

    from scratch

    thx found it....I even did a search for it
  14. I guess we lost this .......was looking for something to make
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