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  1. give them the $1.33 back and tell them they need it more....it seems
  2. looks like they did her eyes too.....she is such a cutie....keep up the hard work you are doing great!!!!
  3. I dont know but most of the land seems to be either state game lands and or TL....LOL SO DOES THAT MEAN THE GATES COME DOWN.....and you can paint your house whatever color you want.......
  4. dont do deliv....if people want it they will come get it...bucks was that way and did ok
  5. I know....and I'll pray with ya
  6. WMJ77

    crazy sad

    when I lived in Fairfax in the 90's their pride was their schools....what a shame.....let them die..screw you!!! "Let Them Die": Fairfax PTA & NAACP Officer Calls For The Death Of Those Who Oppose CRT BY TYLER DURDEN SATURDAY, JUL 17, 2021 - 05:30 PM Authored by Jonathan Turley, As many on this blog are aware, I have long been an advocate of public education and we feel deeply fortunate to have sent all four of our kids to public schools in Alexandria and McLean in Fairfax County. I still have one child in the Fairfax sy
  7. MY 5 STAR REVIEW MAXIAM BERRY FARM today they had/let people park in their yard as close to their house as they could get.....always greeting you with a smile and asking if you need any help....free popcorn and coloring books to kids while parents picked. I had a few stupid questions and they went way above the simple answer of how many varieties are planted and their differences. Nothing but a class A business...!!!!....great berries too!!!
  8. sounds like false alarm
  9. ???? maybe fire all on hold
  10. phones should be turned off in restaurants
  11. sung from a drugged out drunk rock star that died in her prime...RIP J J
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