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  1. For Thanksgiving? Oh No!! I guess I will need a cranberry color mask or light brown to match the gravy. So many choices.
  2. Are there any craft beer breweries in DuBois? I know about the Boxcar brewery but ??? Was there a Doc Dog brewery? Suggestions appreciated.
  3. I wish I could say that this comes as a great surprise. It does not. I have absolutely and completely lost all faith and trust in all politicians. The best that I can say is that I am old and hope that I will be dead when the nation finally hits the wall and slowly slides down to form a loose pile of crap on the floor.
  4. Thank you for the advice of Chris Moose.
  5. I have an offer to buy on my house. The house is furnished. I need to have the house contents removed but am too old, too arthritic, to do it myself. Any suggestions? Does anyone do "house sales"? Moderator, if this is in the wrong place, please move it. Thank you
  6. Walmart huh? I guess BIG Lots would have been a pun too far.
  7. This item caused me to wonder >>> Whatever happened to the county employee who shot his neighbors cow with a shotgun? Did it get buried? Does he have a few pals who manipulated the charges?
  8. Got a couple last year. Someone buying cell phones to be delivered in Texas or Louisiana. Sent them to "Phishing". Stopped after that.
  9. I no longer have kids in school and no grandkids so I have no real "dog in this fight". But like many folks I do have an opinion or two. And no, I never served on a school board. Seems to me that service on a school board should be mandatory. It looks easy from the outside but balancing all the demands from budgets, unions, feeding programs, new age subjects... I'll bet this is one hellishly thankless nightmare. If parents were "drafted" by random choice and required to serve one school year there would be a lot less achromony.
  10. There are a couple neighborhood cats (feral??) who have decided that our tulip bed is an excellent toilet. Soil is soft and easily moved. Unfortunately, in the process they have dug up quite a few spring bulbs. Has anyone experienced this? Is there a remedy other than replanting in what has now become a septic field?
  11. So many numbers tossed around ... So many tested ... So many infected ... So many died .. All these numbers at state, national, international level???😯 I am wondering ... How many here? Is it possible ... without violating privacy ...to ask, how many folks here actually know FIRST HAND KNOW someone who is infected, tested,.sick??? Will there be more than Big Foot sightings? Oops. Sorry. 😬😇
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