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  1. My wife and I are in search of a Brittany (Spaniel). Does anyone on this board know of anyone who owns one, is a Brit breeder or trainer? Thank you
  2. Either way. One thing for sure ... No one gets out of life alive πŸ™„πŸ˜£πŸ˜«
  3. Meh ... At my age, I will be dead by then. πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜€πŸ˜„πŸ˜„
  4. This comment/question is only remotely related to the original post. The words "sucker punch" are often, perhaps frequently used in the news papers. My question is: What exactly is a "sucker punch"? Perhaps the definition is diffeent for many people.
  5. Thank you to all who responded. As usual, when I post a question on this format, I get productive and sensible replies. This forum is a real asset to the DuBo area and I am glad it exists and am also glad to have such good neighbors. I hope this note gets out. I am just learning how to use a "Chromebook". Not easy for an old Geezer. I hope everyone's holidays is as happy as you would wish.
  6. The guy on the phone at the service desk said, "No, sorry."
  7. At the risk of becoming a "squeaky wheel", I raise this subject. A week or so ago I needed to put my truck into the Ford dealership for a repair. Work that would take a couple days. I was stymied because, clearly I could take the truck to the garage but could not get home (a couple miles and I am old and creeky). I asked about a loaner car but _NO!! Not at the garage. How aqbout a rental? NO!! So , hmmm ... Enterprise rentals? Nope, no rentals in DuBo. Taxi? NO again. Used to be a nice old guy in a Plymouth van who did taxi work but he has gone to his final reward. I have been wondering why there are no Ubers or Lyfts in DuBo? Seems like a good little money maker for a student like maybe a Penn State student. Does anyone know why there is no ride around? Not enough demand? Rely on family? Just ??
  8. Does anyone know of a taxi or ride share service in Dubois? I need to leave my pick up at the Ford garage and need a ride home from there.
  9. Perhaps they could fly straffing runs over Baltimore City? Scare the city wildlife?
  10. I wanted to close this (is this called a "thread) series with a good result. I received a PM from a kind person on this board who suggested that I contact Mr. Tim Loomis. We talked a couple times because I was stuck south of here dealing with a perscription issue. Finally I traveled to Mr. Loomis' business. He is located near the Thunderbird restyaurant. In a very, very short time he determined the problem, suggested a very inexpensive remedy and within half an hour he had the machine running as good as the day I bought it ... which is about 12 years ago. A very good result. I did not ask Mr. Loomis but as I looked around his repair shop I determined that he is capable of repairing most small engine driven machines; snow blowers, lawn mowers, riding mowers, probably ATV's. Additionally, he is very interesting to chat with, he reads a lot and is knowledgeable in more than just small engines. For me it was a good experience.
  11. Trees? Well the officer in charge told there was a tavern under every apple tree there but I never found that tree. Ha ha ha
  12. Hmmmm??? Looking for a silver lining ... Maybe I can tell folks that I ordered "stuff" for them but it all got tossed into a ravine. wink, nod, smile
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