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    I like hunting fishing campfires having fun and laughing. I like cats and wiener dogs...I hate spiders. I like having a good day so I don't watch the news about all the terrible things that go on in the world. I like living in my happy bubble it's nice in here :)

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  1. I honestly thought she’d like it! She loves to be swung around and it was good weather, not too hot, not too cold…..she is very good at communicating how she feels lol!
  2. When mommy thinks it’s a good idea to spend some time outside…….but I disagree…*sour face* lol!
  3. In Faiths case, nothing. The stones are just chillin in her kidneys and not causing any blockage or issues. Faith is feeling fine and not showing any symptoms of discomfort. So we just make sure she is well hydrated and monitor her for now. If she starts showing symptoms I.e. fever, nausea, puking, crying, pain….back to CHP we go.
  4. And Faith getting some love from her gramma and her best friend!
  5. New happenings in the world of Faith! She has a medical device called a stander for at home! It helps put necessary weight on her joints and builds muscles and assists with bone growth as well!
  6. Not yet, some days her eyes are better than others lol. The eye dr who was going to do her eyes recently moved to Georgia so we have to see a new eye dr and start the process all over again lol
  7. I can’t even be.I’ve April was the last time I posted SMH anyway, so Faith no longer has the NG tube, she has a mic-key button in her belly so she can get her formula, ..it looks the air valve on a beach ball…anyway, she has been going to outpatient therapy weekly and has 7 therapies in home! She’s been busy! But she is making sooo much progress! Plus she is up to 20lbs now! She was down to 15lbs while on chemo so she is bouncing back weight wise! And her hair has gotten so thick!
  8. Scans are clear!NO CANCER!!!! G-tube surgery will be scheduled in 2-3 weeks!
  9. She tolerates the glasses way better than her hearing aid. She can do about 20 min...maybe a half hour before she gets overstimulated by the glasses compared to her hearing aid where we are lucky if she can do it for 15 min.....sensory input overload
  10. And look at all she’s doing! No hands!
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