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  1. I don't agree with that either: Superintendent Timothy Bernhardt of the Upper Darby Police Department said "There was a lot of people, in my opinion, that should have intervened; somebody should have done something," Bernhardt said. "It speaks to where we are in society. I mean, who would allow something like that to take place? So it’s troubling."
  2. Fear of getting shot can keep alot of people from turning rotten.
  3. I don't agree...the law includes the wording .....any person... who in good faith renders ....rescue at the scene of a crime. I think the rape in a train that people saw fits that. I agree with your second paragraph.
  4. The Good Samariton law -Any person, including an emergency response provider, whether or not trained to practice medicine, who in good faith renders emergency care, treatment, first aid or rescue at the scene of an emergency event or crime or who moves the person receiving such care, first aid or rescue to a hospital or other place of medical care shall not be liable for any civil damages as a result of rendering such care People are covered legally. Its just more and more people are pu**ies.
  5. So the cops are supposed to do something because you heard a story from someone who heard a story so it must be true.
  6. The fight took place at least 13 days before she disappeared. Hope the zoo continues. Sorry sob deserves it. Maybe he will grow A set and say where he left her. Probably won't though since he went back to mommy and daddy's house like a little boy.
  7. Why did the chicken cross the road?
  8. Keep taking out the trash. Good job. Hopefully, someone with knowledge of a leak and possible officer safety issues will talk to you.
  9. Must be behind schedule. Probably can't get workers. Only can use half home seats to watch game. Other half of home and visitor side shut down.
  10. Bet they didn't catch many at their place of employment.
  11. Yes she was. Might have been doing too good of a job and some of her bosses started feeling some heat.
  12. The mayor sounds like a real Peach.
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