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  1. Unfortunatley, liberals believe doper wastes should have a second chance at being doper wastes.
  2. Maybe when he gets out of jail, he can eat his wheaties and grow big and strong and get A job and become a productive person in society instead of a doper waste....I won't hold my breath though.
  3. Possibly carpet spa from Dubois
  4. Heard alot of good things about Levity brewing company in indiana ,pa. Plan on going there someday. I wasn't impressed with the beer at doc g's combined with poor service is a recipe for not making it. Been to dogfish head brewery in milton , De. if your heading to rehobeth beaches, its worth the stop.
  5. Meanwhile, back at the meth house.........
  6. I think a doper from the house called after his doped up imagination ran wild and saw imaginary people with guns. I guess it isn't anything new from that house.
  7. The rainbow eres always gather in a federal national forest. They are a peaceful loving care for the earth people. One gathering of about 10,000 people got together 5 years ago in the green mountains. They were able to produce over 2 tons of trash. Not to mention the community crap trench had to be covered with a layer of dirt. They do have a cleanup crew. About 100 people stayed behind to deal with cleaning up. Around 1,000 people is expected in Marienville as its a regional gathering. So only about 400 pounds of trash and a smaller crap trench will need to be buried.
  8. This is the worst year for gypsy moths I can remember around our house.
  9. I would be interested in seeing the population trend in the area from 2019 until now. Houses are selling left and right to people living in larger population areas moving here as a result of being able to work from home during covid. How many will stay for the long haul. The new residents could have a big impact on which direction the area will be heading. Good or bad.
  10. Also possible she loves the bad person more than her child..
  11. I know of an over 18 college kid that got a card with no transcripts. Didn't even ask if the kid was in college. I don't play golf either.
  12. Brodys is set up this week in the mall parking lot. They usually sell out by 7.
  13. Does that include the death penalty too in your view?
  14. A classic example of depraved-heart murder under the common law is in the case Commonwealth v. Malone, a Pennsylvania case in which the court affirmed the second-degree murder conviction of a teenager for a death arising from a game of modified Russian roulette... My opinion is that the argument could be made that was exactly what she was doing. Playing Russian roulette on the interstate. When you are travelling the opposite direction on a one way road at 60-70 mph, there is a decent chance bad things will happen.
  15. The reporter said on another site because she covers 4 counties and doesn't work the weekend.
  16. There was an Amish cabinet maker on spring road off big run Prescottville road near big run. I think his name is leslein. He made our front door very good job. He also makes cabinets.. This was about 8 years ago not sure if still there.
  17. Can go to Winchester Virginia and do a wedding if you want to go on a road trip. Same day for a magistrate or next day for a preacher.
  18. I don't know...your the one who said there isn't.....link???
  19. How do you know there are no suspects?
  20. Why wasn't the name of this gentleman released?
  21. Yup peeping loudly by the mall this afternoon. I haven't heard but I'm guessing big run peeper banquet was cancelled again this year.
  22. Are windmills lubricated with petroleum products?
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