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  1. Of course they don't. I've worked as a CNA and LPN, when you work in a nursing home or a hospital you know that they operate 24/7. That means they have to have staff there 24/7. Not only doctors and nurses, they have to have dietary, lab, cleaning, security, radiology, etc. It's not just a 9-5 job. I'm extremely thankful to each and everyone of them.
  2. I don't swerve, I'll brake as hard as reasonably possible. I've known to many people that have been injured when they lost control after they swerved for a deer or some other animal. If Bambi wants to commit suicide with my vehicle, I won't be happy but that's what I have insurance for.
  3. I get ready for Christmas on black friday, decorate my house and send out Christmas cards. Guess I'd better send out the cards on Halloween now.
  4. Oh yes, you sure didn't dally around in the winter time. Also had this in the house for running water. Sure was glad when we got modern plumbing.
  5. A friend of mine received the J & J vaccine at the Dubois Walmart last month. They have appointments available, call and ask them which vaccine they are administrating.
  6. Last time I checked pa. gas tax was 58.7 cents per gallon. Federal tax was 18.4 cents per gallon.
  7. He was traveling east at 3:49 pm. The sun would have been behind him, not shining in his eyes. It only takes being distracted for a second though for an accident to happen. I operate farm equipment and frequently have to drive on a back road. Even with two sets of four ways on and slow moving vehicle signs I've had a lot of close calls. Some people are just idiots, passing on blind curves and the top of hills. (I'm not saying Mr. Stanford is one of them.)
  8. Daughter used Boleen Tree Service, located in Brockport. Price was very reasonable. Cut down some huge trees that were tangled in phone and electric lines, didn't damage anything. We will definitely use them again.

    1. Trillyn


      Thank you very much. Will look them up and check them out. 

  9. I checked around for a vet for my livestock and dogs. Huge price difference and I was still very satisfied with the care my animals received. $40 for an after hours farm call by one vet compared to $100 + mileage that another vet wanted. Similar comparison when I've had dogs that needed porcupine quills removed. One vet charged $160 to remove quills and the staff acted like I did it to the poor dog, next time another vet charged $100 and the staff was very sympathetic to me and the dogs.
  10. I clean my coop twice a year, spring and fall. In the fall I put in lots of shredded leaves and add the hay the goats don't want to eat as needed. I've never had any problems with frostbite with my chickens or peacocks. I do notice that on really cold nights the hens will make little nest depressions in the bedding instead of hopping up the roost.
  11. At the moment I have 3 in a woven wire fence with 2 strands of electric wire inside to keep them from climbing the wire. I have 3 others that I tie out during the day and put in the barn at night. I only tie goats when someone will be around to keep an eye on them. They are used to being tied and seldom get tangled but stray dogs and coyotes will make short work of a goat.
  12. Goats have to be "trained" to any type of electric fencing. They will run right over/through it if they aren't. You will also need to buy a fence charger that will deliver enough voltage to control the goats. Most net fencing will state how many stored joules are required per section. I've been raising goats for years, some will stay in an electric fence and some just don't seem to get it.
  13. ?I must have screwy mice. They got into my storage cabinet and thoroughly enjoyed the irish spring and lave soaps. Hope the little buggers got indigestion.
  14. ?I have Great Pyrenees livestock guard dogs. When they blow out their winter coats, we gather up all the hair we can and place around the garden perimeter. Haven't had any issues with rabbits, groundhogs or deer in the garden since we started doing this.
  15. Both my daughter and I do. It works really well in our hi-efficiency front loaders.
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