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  1. Gary and his ex-wife Cynthia had or have a place in Treasure Lake. Their primary residence was in McKees Rocks. Why can't reporters check before they write unless this information came from the Federal Court.
  2. The terrible spelling in published items should put the author in the penalty box and fine them. This is strictly my opinion, Kareem should be put back on the street and have to face the terror of an oncoming car or three as he subjected these pedestrians and cyclist to.
  3. I wonder where the bricks went? I hope they didn’t go to the landfill!
  4. Does the Salvation Army still have a Food Bank?
  5. Thank you both, I had not looked at today’s Courier.
  6. I would say he really p.o.'d these people. If his term limit does not end soon it will be. I wonder if he will be able to live of his state pension?
  7. BigT


    It started last week. The Moore Brothers will be there this Thursday!
  8. BigT


    Tell them you are going to Duffers Tavern.
  9. BigT


    I liked the sign that was posted about No Dogs or any other animals. Since I didn't go to the park I didn't get to see if the people obeyed.
  10. What was Grandma thinking when she asked him to watch those kids.
  11. It's about time we the taxpayers get to see how our elected representatives are spending our money on themselves while on the road. I would think the Harrisburg representatives would spend way less than those from Erie, Pittsburgh, Scranton, Philadelphia etc. .
  12. This was for Christmas time as far as I know.
  13. If you are an EMT I would like to know in your opinion why would a nonseat belt have lived?
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