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  1. I got the call last week too on my landline. I responded do you know I am the acting District Magistrate, he hung up!
  2. The new band cards are available at Franks Pizza. I have not seen anything about anyone selling them.
  3. I don’t think that the utilities (Electric, phone and cable) wanted to spend the money to do the job right unfortunately.
  4. i received this in the mail today, 10/6/2021. The meeting is next Tuesday 10/12/2021 at the DuBois Country Club, 6:00 pm .
  5. Hawbaker's was making Maple Avenue a lot smoother today, Some of the new light poles have been installed too.
  6. I know a guy that put out a ton of stuff on our trash pick up day. The regular driver made a phone call and another truck came and took it all! Great service in my opinion!
  7. BigT


    I think they moved up to the old Dunham's location in the front of the Mall next to Old Navy.
  8. The registered voters can now decide. Thank you to all who spent time and effort to get this on the ballot.
  9. What NBC station will they be carrying? Is Dish playing hardball with Sinclair Broadcasting over an increased fee? DirecTV had issues with Nexstar (CBS) WTAJ a few years ago. We used the CBS app and complained enough to get reduced rates for a year.
  10. I wonder if any of the liberals from GoDuBois were invited or were in attendance?
  11. As I have said previously our elected officials should turn in expense accounts with receipts or only use a state issued credit card only for expenses. The expense accounts should be made public on a easily accessed web site for the public to see if they want to.
  12. I wonder how much money has been spent in lawsuits between DuBois, Sandy and TL in the last 30 years?
  13. Gary and his ex-wife Cynthia had or have a place in Treasure Lake. Their primary residence was in McKees Rocks. Why can't reporters check before they write unless this information came from the Federal Court.
  14. The terrible spelling in published items should put the author in the penalty box and fine them. This is strictly my opinion, Kareem should be put back on the street and have to face the terror of an oncoming car or three as he subjected these pedestrians and cyclist to.
  15. I wonder where the bricks went? I hope they didn’t go to the landfill!
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