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  1. i think we are still paying a tax on liquor in Pennsylvania from the 1889 Johnstown Flood.
  2. Every year when you renew your Pennsylvania tag there is a spot for the mileage on the vehicle renewal application. So big brother knows your mileage.
  3. The little guy doesn't stand a chance anymore. As much as I hate to say it they should have had a lawyer from the beginning. I know that tickets especially in Virginia and the DC area are best resolved by hiring a lawyer. My opinion is that most of the legislature representatives down south are lawyers so they are looking for easy money for their colleagues to represent out of state motorists with lead feet.
  4. BigT

    6 in” numbers

    I went to the local hardware store when this ordinance was first published (back in March) and they did not have the particular font of the numbers available. A few weeks ago the sign at Ace posted that the numbers were in. I got my numbers and finally got them up.
  5. BigT

    $81,000 sign

    That’s the way I understand the article.
  6. BigT

    $81,000 sign

    The new sign will open another avenue of communication with the community by posting school activities, events and other news. I digital sign that tells a story isn't cheap, I am wondering what a digital billboard costs?
  7. My observation is that many DuBois area employers are hiring. I wonder if the major metropolitan areas can't find people too? I think there are too many people that have worked the system to get free money and don't want to work. Please tell if my observation about the free money people is right or wrong.
  8. 3 or 4 years ago maybe more I saw a PSP trooper finishing up a traffic stop on I-80 pull over a couple from Connecticut that did not move over. There were about 10 cars and trucks ahead of me that all moved over but not the CT. couple.
  9. According to The Associated Press, the plan aims to pay farmers to plant 1 billion fruits and timer trees to Mexico. What's a timer tree?
  10. Holy crap, I think anyone that has investments had better let their Congressman and Senators know this idea is complete BS! We didn't save and invest for our gains to be stolen from us at this rate.
  11. BigT

    here it comes

    Charter some buses and send them back to where they came from or where they crossed the border.
  12. I wonder if Joe came up with the new terminology on his own? The new catch phrases and so called political correctness have to ask Siri what they mean.
  13. I listened to the first two podcasts. I will listen to the third one soon, it is eighteen minutes long.
  14. I took the preliminary questions and from what i saw I am white and old. The choices were for minorities and younger people.
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