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  1. I got my second booster only because I will be traveling overseas. The pharmacist said since I have had Covid my immunity is now supercharged.
  2. I used to sort through the lumber I wanted to buy back in the day before Lowes was in town at Billy C’s work place. The quality of lumber was even questionable then. One day a new yard man told me sorting wasn’t allowed so I didn’t buy from there for a while since Claster’s and 84 Lumber were competitive but not as close to home. The positive thing I like about Lowes is the ability to save money with their price match from their Clearfield store since it is part of the State College market area. I have saved up to 50 cents for one stud which added up to $$$ when I was buying a couple of hundred at a time.
  3. Busrolls36-Unbelievable that someone would ask what your religious affiliation was during a job interview. I believe your daughter is a student at a Catholic college. Thank you for not judging other Catholic’s by the action of this former CEO.
  4. Is there any danger of flooding?
  5. Please tell me that this is a joke!
  6. Thank you Steve for posting this. I will have to check with my MIL. She remembers so much about DuBois back then. What make and year were the cars?
  7. A regional police force may be the way to go for Reynoldsville, Sykesville with the new City at some point in the future. Thank you Keyser for the PD link.
  8. Landscape One was the contractor at Heindel Field and they are the landscape contractor for this project according to the newspaper. I have seen some of their other work so I'm confident the results and plantings will be good.
  9. BigT


    How about we let the story stop here. No matter what happens in the future due to the shooting and death two families will never be the same. I don't know anyone involved, I'm just saying let this not be an on going discussion.
  10. BigT


    Glen Johnston is the suspect according the Police Chief.
  11. We went to Jennerstown back in the late 50's & early 60's. A great part of summer back then. After my Uncle Fuzzy moved down East and quit racing Jimmy Burns became my favorite driver!.
  12. The monthly breakfast meeting this morning covered the price of gas and someone said only 3% of our oil/gas is coming from Russia. Any truth to that?
  13. Congratulations Jeff, it's good to see more options for cell service with a local guy.
  14. Should we have a poll to see who guess's how much snow we will get?
  15. I look on State College Northern Tier.
  16. I had to look, Tonga is in the South Pacific close to New Zealand.
  17. The cameras are working fine on PA DOT 511 website!
  18. I can see the pictures on my IPAD but it doesn’t look like they are changing every 5 seconds.
  19. I wonder if Mother Nature will interfere with this move?
  20. Rogo’s on 219 going into Brockway had a car rental service. A few of my friends used them and highly recommended them.
  21. BigT


    A kidney dialysis center. I seem to remember a dialysis facility in the Sandy Plaza 20 years ago or so.
  22. According to the article in the Courier the prices will drop once the higher priced gas in the tanks is pumped and sold. My question is why does the price per gallon rise immediately when there is bad news that affects the supply of gas and diesel that has not been delivered to the gas stations yet?
  23. BigT


    I saw on FB that the DuBois Wendy's opened this morning.
  24. I agree, he should pay. Please continue to follow this to see if he is a scofflaw and doesn't pay.
  25. I believe that the form of government can be changed once consolidation happens. Let's work together to make it happen!
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