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  1. There were memorial plaques on the original wall. I was told that they removed them and they were saved. Perhaps they repositioned them and that is what they were cleaning. None of the volunteers (conscripts ) actually ever fell, rolled or slid off the embankment. The nearest was a fairly large man who went about half way. The lighter you were the better chance you had to not roll into traffic. Motorists were very good about it. My hat blew off one day and while I wasn't about to chase it cars stopped and let me retrieve it. We weeded the area by the steps for the last time the summer of 2021. Most of us could still climb it although weeding was more likely to be done sitting down than standing up. If you see me in future years climbing it just to see if I still can .....wave. Be prepared to stop if driving by just in case.
  2. The Republicans can run Sarah Palin against her. Do you think Herm could get a grant to build a wall? We could secede from the union.
  3. A combat veteran beat a 13 year old girl. I'll bet his ex-sergeant and army buddies sent congratulations. Maybe flowers?
  4. Again the local government is opening itself to accusations of favoritism. The allocation of contracts especially an exclusive one is a very delicate area. This is a case of "Caesar's wife." They need to tread very carefully especially since there is an existing service. I hope that they rethink this.
  5. The Doomsday Clock is set at 100 sections to midnight. It has been set there since 2020 and is as far forward as it has ever been.
  6. I've never tried head lettuce . I was just wondering what made it head up. Out of curiosity I looked it up. It says short days and cool night temperatures. We have had cool nights. Don't know about short days. I was thinking lots of water. Cabbage heads up really tight after a good rain. I'm sure that yours will be tastier than the stuff that passes for head lettuce at the supermarket.
  7. Can you hum a few bars ?
  8. Yes, newspaper makes a fine mulch. It is especially good with crops that don't like the heat generated by plastic. I killed Brussel sprouts one year by planting them in black plastic. Before Denny Bonavita retired I used to send out mental apologies every time I mulched with his column. Sometimes more reading than mulching went on. You have put in a lot of work there ! ol
  9. Not a lot of sportsmanship in evidence. I hope the kids were better sports than the coach or the parents. Too bad that they have such poor role models.
  10. Impressive! I think it is going to be a great year for gardens.
  11. So now all we have to do is convince Jill Biden's husband that he is president of Cuba.
  12. I did see that and it is somewhat reassuring. It is not as though you can pull off the road and call a tow truck if your battery fails. However, it also makes me think that they are not too sure of the technology if they have a built in back-up system. OK, I'm playing devil's advocate but it is because deep down I don't really believe that planes can fly. Yes, I know pressure, lift and all that stuff they teach you in physics class. The 21st century part of my brain says all is good. The caveman part of my brain says no way. He is still not sure how he got from DuBois to San Francisco.
  13. Hope you are right but I am still remembering that self-driving car that ran under a truck because it couldn't differentiate between the truck and the skyline. For awhile at least I'm sticking with a human driver who has two eyes and two hands even if it has to be me. Technology in its infancy is like a medical test group. They should pay you to get into those vehicles be they on the ground or airborne. I'm wondering about lightening strikes. I did look it up and apparently modern planes are built to direct lightening through the hull of the plane. It keeps the instruments from getting fried. Is it going to work on a battery operated plane? Do I see all those batteries discharging at once. Pass the parachute.
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