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  1. Sounds like fun but I don't think the atf would think so lmao
  2. Never said I was. And depending on the situation. Sometimes restraints hold u in place and can cause more damage or death. And in other situations not having a restraint has saved lives. But at the end of the day when your number is pulled you have no choice. A close friend rolled his truck years ago and the state police officer even told him if he had a seatbelt on he would of died. But then another buddy was in a deadly wreck and if he had it in he wouldn't have flown out the back window and died. So its a 50/50 chance but why can't it be a choice. Its all about revenue thats why...
  3. Everyone rushes to the pumps during this gas shortage but u don't see them rush to a job with this job shortage. Biden bucks to the rescue. Smh
  4. So all I have to do is throw my ss card birth certificate and license away and I can get away with anything. Woohoo party time.
  5. Oh trust me I get it. My aunt came from the Philippines and did it the right way. She's not aloud to get any government help and if she tries she gets sent back but these illegals can come here rape pillage and get every damn thing handed to them and if the get caught the get smack on the hand and taken back to come back over as a different name and get all the crap handed to them again. I can bust my ass and stick to a straight line but once I stumble off it one time I'm the worst human on the face of the planet. Not because I'm an American citizen. Because I'm a white American citizen. Cal
  6. Burlap sac with a brick then throw it in the river. Solves the problem and saves the ears of a real american.
  7. 98.99% agree with your comment. I'd only add a little word, fake before laws. I've seen more people die in accidents wearing a seat belt. What about busses we send our kids to the "safe" schools in. Why don't they have to have them or the law where 21 or older u don't have to wear a helmet on a motorcycle.. it is a control thing. I don't believe drinking and driving should happen because I've seen to much bad. I do apologize for my ignorance in a early post. I let my arrogance get in the way of understanding. Have a beer after work with your grub but don't get behind the wheel wasted. The
  8. U are ignorant aren't u. U must be a drunk if u think its ok to drive drunk. Plan and simple so before u try to fix stupid fix yourself stupid.
  9. #1 its not my government. And guess what dui checkpoints are nothing new. They just didn't start because Biden is in office. They have been happening for a long time. So for u to try and single me out and say its my government id say ur the Liberal. Good day dumbass.
  10. And this has what to do with invaders? Are you ok with impaired drivers on the roads??? Can't make anyone happy in this god forsaken world. Can't wait till my end of days so I don't have to deal with stupid anymore.
  11. Do u have a mouse in your pocket?? I did not vote for him. U might have and glad ur happy to see the economy crash. You think the rich is gonna pay the way?? The government needs our money more than us.. And Russia didn't do it. China did and the wanna be Americans did this poop. So yay we have idiots in this country.
  12. I agree to your first part but not the last. A judge has to follow the law no matter what it is. I'm sure he doesn't like giving out small sentences to scum but he has no other choice. Its not the judges fault the law is screwed.
  13. jt85

    $81,000 sign

    Pretty soon next tier bank will be the only bank your aloud to bank at in DuBois if your a resident..
  14. Its a struggle thinking shes gonna get a smack on the wrist and I really hope she gets way more. Like I said and eye for an eye. And she will get hers one way or another. Karma bites hard.
  15. Screw what the laws says. Its beyond so screwed up that I'm surprised anyone can make sense of it unless we use hooked on google.
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