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    Highland st.

    oh no what happened? thats so said
  2. Thank you and you do the same.
  3. I'm in Orange Texas. It's SETX. San Antonio is a great time. Did the river walk and boat ride when they had all the Christmas lights going. It was beautiful.
  4. Thank you and had to make a change. Glad I made the right decision.
  5. Yes ma'am. Been working and doing well for myself. I'll be coming up to visit in June.
  6. Been in Texas for six months and loving it. Hope everyone is doing good up there. Stay warm my friends. It was 83° today
  7. How is this thread still going. Obviously people don't care about their community enough to make a change. If u guest know all the answers then go to the police. Coming on here clearly isn't doing crap. Maybe all u guest can start ur on possie and round these people up with all ur non info and convict them yourselves. U all seem to know more about what's going on than the investigators....
  8. Anytime u fall over and need picked up..
  9. Could have atleast grew it in the back yard. Love how he says man that took a lot of work. Seriously it's a plant. If that's hard work then someone's dad didn't teach them what hard work was...
  10. Ok I get it you have to flush them but at 4 am. It's one thing to do it and be respectful but to be louder than loud itself is uncalled for. Throwing your tools around the back of the truck and then to leave and come back with some loud sucking machine and fire it up at 5am is even more ridiculous. Have some respect for the community if it was anyone else the cops would have been called and they would have been quick to write a citation for disturbing the peace. Next time think would you like someone in your yard at that time waking you up. Maybe drain them at 8 pm or even 7 am. Not 4 in the morning. Glad I remembered to put the windows up on the car.
  11. Thank you for ur kind words. I'm glad someone understands and with great opportunities there is great success that follows. So I'm ready and beyond excited for my new endeavor.
  12. I agree. Guess I've been here to long and seen to much of it here. I want to progress and maybe one day come back and make a positive change. I can not do it atm because my plan to better myself can't start till I'm away from the negative that I endeavored into my life here. Change from what i once knew as a happiness has echoed into a dark silence. The only brightness I have in my life is away from this area and into a better future. Plus I can't stand the cold anymore.
  13. I think it will be a better path to take then up here. If my brother can go from nothing to an engineer I think if I stick to my plan I'll go farther than ever before. Plus this cold is getting to be to much for me and I can't take shoveling snow anymore haha. Time to do it for me.
  14. One of the biggest reasons I'm leaving this area. Can't stand the people of our community anymore. Either they are all drugged up or to stuck up to say hello. The sun is shining where my new journey will begin and the dark days will stay behind.
  15. Not sure u can call a racist a racist if he is a unman of color. I say unman because he is not someone I look up to as a man. A man does the right thing not constantly the wrong.
  16. Sad to see him continue to go down hill. He was a very polite guy when he was my neighbor. I ended up moving and he went down hill real fast when he got with that woman. Love to know how she's not in prison also from all the meth..
  17. This is just like a cross walk to humans. Not all humans cross at them. So what makes them think other animals would use these.
  18. Well thats because Fakebook sucks.
  19. Thats what I thought but I was wrong.
  20. Only thing I've learned is I'll never be right or alright.
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